Free Amazon Ebook Today Only!

My debut novel WHEN HEAVEN SIGHS is FREE TODAY ONLY on Amazon.

You can check out my Book page if you would like to read for free the first two chapters. Below is a brief description of the ebook and a few excerpts from one chapter. Hope you enjoy!

Description: Beneath layers of glamourous country music stars and professional athletes, deceit, brutality and murder stalk the city sidewalks of Nashville, Tennessee, Music City USA, as heaven and hell clash in a vicious battle for possession of an ancient scroll.

On a steamy day in August, a young man dies from the Ebola virus on a downtown sidewalk. Close to midnight on the same day, tires screech and a young girl screams as the body of Father Tom McClarin smacks against the hard, cold asphalt in front of the cathedral where he serves. Both men’s destinies have been bound together by their mutual belief in the scroll and its unique message.

Detective Hayden Douglan and Samual Thomas, a local pastor, follow the clues piling up and conclude both deaths are homicides. Faith and courage will be tested as the investigation leads from corruption in the highest levels of the religious community and police department to a powerful mystic cloistered behind the walls of beautiful Saint Alaric Monastery near Vienna, Austria.

Excepts from Chapter 18: #1 The young men continued to approach his resting place. With each step they grew larger and larger before his eyes until just a few steps away, they stopped and hesitated for a few seconds. Without saying a word, they parted in the middle to reveal silhouetted against the brilliance of the fire the form of another taller, young man. Was it Samual’s imagination or the intense light from the fire behind the young man’s form, but was this newly revealed creature itself also on fire?

#2 Warmth filled his large dark eyes, and his lips were bowed in a smile that drove all the apprehension out of Samual’s body. It was then Samual remembered ‘Perfect love driveth out all fear’. Was a perfect love standing before him now?

#3 He’s praying Samual thought as he watched the young man’s bowed head.

#4 The searing heat of the pain was being replaced with a cool refreshing. Samual’s whole body felt as if it was floating above the hard ground, and the sudden intense scent of flowers and tangy spices filled the small encampment. The last sight before his eyes as he started to lose consciousness again was the light from the fire dancing across each face as they watched the effects of the young healer’s power.

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