Big Deal!

A Big Deal

To an orphan such
As I
One of the biggest deals
I can spy

For someone to desire
Cannot lift them higher
Than to want to be
My parent

And that is exactly 
What God, the Holy Lord
Wants to be 
For each & everyone
You are able to see

Wants to be your Father
Daddy, Papa
Wants every soul to gather
Under His wings forever
For all of eternity

No small trickle
Wave after wave rushing
Toward you pushing
Torrential flood
Of perfection’s love

So step into the flow
Take the time to 
Get to know
The One & Only God
Who loves you the most
It’s the biggest, best deal 
This world will ever see!

Today We Want

Today We Want

I want, you want 
We all want
Those words ring 
Truer than any other
We all need
& we all have wants

Even as Christians
We all want
Get to heaven
Live in God’s presence
For anyone there will be 
Nothing better

For although God’s
Forgiveness, Grace
Is given so freely
Still, it is not given
The cost was Christ’s
Blood & life
Given in extreme pain & strife

Grace is, was not then
Nor is now cheap
It may cost you everything
Maybe even your very life
Is it not worth that
To live in His forever light?

So do not let us,
Christians of today,
Let mans’ world over us
Hold its complete sway
And tell us we may live
However we wish
And still receive that 
Most precious of gifts
Because God does expect
That most costly of words, 

Driving In Cars Going Nowhere

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Driving in Cars Going Nowhere

People everywhere
Driving in cars going
Racing, rushing, 
Careening, screaming
‘Get out of my way
I have a very busy day
Going nowhere’.

Sure, we have duties
Other people to take care of
Obligations done out of love
But the rest, well. . .
Sometimes just a mess
Going nowhere

Not always in cars
Sometimes in planes
Or a lonely solitary train
Have we lost the will
To just be still
Instead of always
Going nowhere?

Do we forget we each
Come to the same place
At the foot of death’s gate
With no choices left 
Must we end life with
Only regrets
From always seeking 
The nowhere?

We end up at the foot
Of God’s throne
Coming from childhood
Or when we’re grown
To be given either His light
Or a forever darkest night
Must we always roam
Toward that nowhere
So just STOP
Learn how to choose
So a much better eternity’s home
You do not have to lose!

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Never Going

Never Going 

Never is
A powerful word
As a circle
Always there
Like infinity’s 
Eternity’s face

Today I think
It is so sad
So very sad
Most people
Do not know 
The facts of life
That will make them
The most glad

The happiest 
For any creature
Living in this,
Most beloved 
Of God’s Creation,
Who & what you are.

And so they live
Not looking up
At their home
Instead, they roam
Missing the blessings
Falling out of an
Overflowing cup

Held in God’s
Gracious hand
Flowing with things
Meant only for 
His man
To bear his image
His likeness
As only we can

We, humans, are 
After all
Made of the 
Same eternal spirit
Have a powerful call
On each of our lives
To bond, relate
In intimacy with
His eternal face

Each of us,
On the face of this planet
Is an eternal living soul
Even after you desist,
No longer live
In this most frail,
Human shell

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A New Box

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A New Box

We substitute
Tendency to loot
From Box to 
Our way 
Thru each & every

A Box for home
A Box for work
A Box for fun
the tiniest, tiniest box 
Finally for our spirit
& God

So in they go
Into the larger Boxes
What we believe to be
Major spaces of our lives
But the most important parts
We then minimalize

Why do we put God 
In a box so tiny
After all He is large
Runs a universe 
So very shiny

With suns & moons
Black holes
Created endless numbers
Of souls
Let Him have all
Your Boxes

So give it a
Take God out
Of that smallest

Pour the contents
Of all your Boxes
Into God’s large one
In that way
They might all 
Become the same

He & His Son
Will be sure to run
Each Box’s contents
With only
The very best of intents
And extreme care
For He only wants to share
that Ultimate Paradise
With you!

Last Wildflowers

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

I was trying to catch the last of this summer’s wildflowers on our greenway system down by the river. The drier season of Fall has set in so the flowers are starting to fade away, but there’s always next Spring! I hope you have a blessed and good Saturday.