Your New Beginning

Your New Beginning

On a cross
At the time of
Heaven’s greatest loss
Hung the world’s creator
As His own creation 
Destroyed His physical life
All heaven held its
Breath & waited
Watched as hell & satan’s
Power fell, was abated

Telling one so new to faith,
Today, you will be with 
Me in paradise!
Angels watching wept
His earthly mother cries
With ‘It is finished’ for
His last few words
His spirit left, hurled
Only an empty body curled,
Crushed from the pain
By human eyes still seen
Hanging on that wooden beam

But it was not His end
All death was spurned
New life for us He earned
With a resurrection so fresh
God’s answer to his death
For us ended with a YES
Thru our faithful lives,
As it was for His,
Your death will be your winning 
Of His newborn Paradise
Your total, complete & new beginning!

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The One

The One
(and only)

In the beginning
the One
Created from nothing
All of this something
Father, Spirit & the Son
Worked in perfect harmony
So all of their creation 
Could witness their unity

A part of that One
To earth was sent
With only the best intent
To save a beloved child
From the darkest designs
Of an enemy most vile

In the name of our Christ
Diseases were healed,
Demons were routed
Death was defeated
The Dead were raised
All to the glorious praise
Of His Holy Name

It is today still
That wonderful Name
& thru His gracious Will
In terror all demons run
When the Name is said
Of that precious One,
Jesus of Nazareth

Only the name of 
That precious One
Has ever made all
my own demons run
I spoke it into the dark
Sincerely from my heart
In a heartbeat, they fled
Away from the side of my bed

Man has always been
too weak & on our own
We will never defeat,
Never meant to try
To survive all alone
Under a dark satan’s
Destructive, vicious blows

Only is that One Name
Been made all powerful
To totally destroy
satan’s darkness
So let us in faith joyfully sing
As out loud our praises ring
The name of our Christ,
Our eternity’s King

Book Review – Sorry Bestie

Hope everyone is having a good day! Below is a book review I had the privilege of doing for the author, Felicity Abbott. The book is available on Amazon and is a good read for teens and their parents.

This an interesting and well written story with a strong message about an issue, bullying, that is present in all of our schools, both public, and in this book, private. Parents can feel safe about their teenager reading this book as it is a good clean read and brings out the Christian value of treating one another the way you would like to be treated. I liked the main character, Lacy, a young teenager. Written in a believable way, she is a victim of bullying along with several of her friends. The story shows how difficult it is for teenagers to know how to handle a bullying situation by themselves, and how important it is for parents to stay close to their children and to know what is going on in their lives. It also depicts how devastating the effects of bullying can be for some children. Again, this is a good read for any teen and their parents on a subject which is so common in our society among our teenagers.

Water Songs

I shot some video footage of along the river beside our greenway system just after it had rained. The water was moving faster, and you could hear it better. I enjoy listening to the sounds of the waters. Have a blessed day!

Water Songs

Above life’s waters
Is your light
That ruach, breath, of you
Attempting to make
The one out of our two

Above the moving waters
Of life you go
Whether they move, flow
Fast or tediously slow

Trying to help me grow
Closer, more in your image
Multiplying your likeness
I try to follow as you bless

You follow the waters
Whether deep and dark
Or crystalline clear
Revealing our depths
In a reality so stark

So, I try to reach up
And fiercely cling
To the peace and 
Serenity you always bring
To the living waters of my soul
No matter the deep, dark 
Complexities of all their flows!

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Summer Morning Prayer

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Our greenway system is so beautiful that in spots it is almost like being in the middle of the Smokey Mountain National Park and Gatlinburg, but you’re still in the middle of a busy and growing city. Enjoy your day!

Dear Lord, I pray these people may come to know your overwhelming and unconditional love for them not just intellectually, in their minds, but in their guts, their hearts, may they feel it. That they will let you become intimate with them, and they can know that you created the earth with such beauty for them to enjoy and take pleasure in out of your great love for them. Amen

Will You?

Will You?

The pain increases
Oh what if it never ceases?
What will I do then
What can bring it to an end?

Where is that God
That said he wants to heal
Now as from this incessant pain
I kneel
Where is my helper now?

Slowly a light starts within
My chest
A knowledge evolves
As I try to resolve this test
Will you still love me? 

What kind of question is that?
I turn from it and pray
Again inside my head 
Those words have another say
Will you still love me?

If your circumstances 
I do not change today
Do not give you 
Exactly your way
Will you still love me?

I seek only those worthy
Of my higher calling
For an enemy’s lies 
Do not be falling
Following me will not 
Always be easy

Before your eyes
I will not always be pleasing
Your world now is lost
To save it I paid a terrible cost
Now will you be willing 
To suffer a loss
To follow me?


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