Been to Hell

 Been To Hell
 I have been to hell
 & I can truly tell
 You do not want to go there
 I have known
 No words can express
 Such a horror
 In my life, it was the
 Most severe of tests
 At such a fresh, young age
 Life at its very start
 No joy, light or hope
 Was there to fill
 My very frightened heart
 Known have I a complete
 Vacuum of love
 Dark void, satan’s hate
 Empty was the space upon
 My very first plate
 Until I was allowed
 To look up
 A light began to stir
 From a place above, afar
 Beautiful, unknown before
 Glistening, a hopeful star
 All I had to do was try
 & reach
 You did the rest
 & came to teach,
 Love, fill
 For You had a deep darkness
 To kill
 & You did, Lord Jesus
 You Did!!
 Praise You, Lord Jesus
 Praise You, Lord God
 Praise You, Holy Spirit

God has the power to raise you above any circumstance in your life but you must receive it, let Him fill you with Himself. You must let go of yourself and this world. He loves you passionately, profoundly and completely. Praise God!!!

Another Monday Prayer

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 Monday Prayer
 In the middle of my lostness
 Wanderings, dark sleep
 You took the time
        To search
 For this one miniscule
         Lost sheep
 Good Shepherd,
 You are the one who
 Never leaves the one behind
 Thank you for the saving
 Of me; 
 body, soul & mind 

Prophesy Over Your Life! — Pure Glory

by Apostle Gabriel Cross You can’t work with what you’ve lost, but you can work with what you have left, use it to compel you towards your vision. I need you to SEE yourself progressing, moving forward in a new place and anointing. Take a few moments today, to prophesy over your life like Ezekiel […]

Prophesy Over Your Life! — Pure Glory

Not Candy on The Top

 Not Just Candy on the Top
 Shining, glorious
 On top
 That bright red
 Gleaming, glistening
 On top of whipped crème
 A most delicious berry
 Just a nice add-on
 Makes it more enticing
 Milkshake underneath
 Solid, frothy
 Coming closer to being
 But tis an unnecessary
 Does not decrease
 Or increase
 The shake beneath
 Or detract from its
 To make us wish it
 To devour
 I sometimes think
 Of God & Christ
 We have made
 Like that cherry
 That piece on top
 of stuff
 A small enhancement,
 Merely a small piece
 Of fluff
 In comparison to
 That solid milkshake
 Rest of our lives
 Are we really going to
 Wait until our body dies
 To see reality,
 God’s importance,
 Why wait until that time 
 Of crisis?
 Today, make God
 The solid majority
 Of your life
 Desire most 
 The Lord
 Of all the angelic hosts
 The center of your being
 As ephemeral you become
 & more fleeting!

Troubled Soul

 Troubled Soul
 Troubled Soul,
 Troubled Soul,
 Do not sit 
 In the darkness’s glow
 It’s angry face
 Leaves only the sting
 And disgrace
 Of rejection
 Sitting in a brackish cell
 Formed by cruelty 
 Coming only from hell
 Troubled Soul
 Hear these words
 For your pain there
 Is a certain cure
 Above this darkened
 Black air
 Over your bowed head
 And tangled hair
 A small light glows
 Comes from Heaven
 To let you know
 There is a someone
 Who knows your name
 Wishes to discharge your pain
 Christ loves your heart
 Which has sat in the dark
 For too long
 So raise your head
 Listen to every word 
 Being said
 Inside your spirit
 He will implant His own
 There His truest Love
 & Graces
 Will forever be sown!