Just Released New Childrens Book for Easter

New Childrens Book for Easter

Illustrated Storybook availabe on Amazon.com

A charming storybook that emphasizes the life-giving and healing powers of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

On a unique day’s adventure, the weakest member of a loving bunny family is allowed to experience for himself the miracle of Jesus’ resurrection. Early on a spring morning in a small garden, the young bunny encounters the living Christ as Jesus lovingly shows his power to forever heal and change anyone’s life!



Between earth 
And sky
A Savior died

Not easily
But in agony
Sweat, blood
That bright red fluid
The only power
To unleash the flood
Of God's forgiveness

So the next time
You feel alone, lost
Just look up
To the man 
On the cross

By faith will
You be lifted up
To live in Him
Between His golden 
Gates you'll walk
And His eternal love 
Forever win!

Fallen Flowers

Fallen Flowers

Fallen flowers
When will we ever learn
That for each fallen child 
You must most passionately care

Love is the magic 
The stars
And earth
In it they swim 
Against satan's hatred
Our God's love always wins!

You must be careful
Whose way you choose
Your place
At heaven's gates
Most assuredly 
You'll be allowed to lose

My Value!!

My Value!

My value does not
come from you
But the One who
Came to recreate
Me anew
To Christ
Is all of my loyalty due

Forgive me, dear friends
If I've learned to refuse
To listen to what
You tell me to do
My trust for my value
Belongs in that One
The Only One,
Who died For me

It's in His eyes
That I sink or swim
In whom all my worth,
This world’s reality
Begins & ends!!

Into The Out

Into the Out

Why do we try
To hold within
What was meant 
to be so out

Buildings were never 
Meant to contain
Words powerful
Enough to sustain
An entire planet

Do we really believe
A church's walls
Are the only place 
A person's soul 
Can feel the call
Of Christ

It can happen 
on the streets
It can happen
Where we eat
Even as we sleep

So, God's church
Get out do That work 
Heaven's great loss
Brought about on a cross
For us also to sacrifice
Others to save
Bring to them a better way
For our whole planet
See a completely new day!!

The Citadel

Our Citadel

There is a rumbling of the ground
A most horrific sound
Screams our name
We hide
Inside our Citadel
Safe, secure
Or so we think
But in one blink
As Jericho’s walls,
You realize they fell
So too may ours
With only one more yell

This Citadel, this church
Could be destroyed
Do we really want 
A world so devoid
Of a loving God
Should we not that
At all costs try to avoid?

We have to get out
To testify
Christ’s name 
To glorify
To save others 
From a yawning pit of hell
That Awaits
For Those if they refuse 
Who seal their own fate

So take heart,
Have courage
Refuse the demons
Biting at our heels
Rise up, church
Once more assert
The beauty of God’s will
As once again His kingdom
Of love on this planet 
To all who will testify
Grants from sin their freedom!