The Cell

The Cell

And in my empty cell
I try to find the words
To tell
Of Your Great Beauty

You come to me
Across a dark, dampened floor
Only the light on Your Face
Helping my soul to soar
Over & above
Whatever life’s tomorrow
May hold for me in store

Whatever prisons you
Must face
Only on our Christ’s 
Loving face
Will you be allowed to trace
The strength, courage
You will need
For your songs to sing
Of this Prince of Peace
This Heavenly King
as upward toward 
His Heavenly gates
He alone carries each soul
On the Purest of Glory’s wings!

Divorce, Divorce

Divorce, Divorce

Divorce, Divorce
Such a slippery slimy course
Icky, sticky
Shouldn’t we feel some remorse?

Signs of the times
Mobs in the culture all cry
But who put them in charge
Seems almost like
A ridiculous farce
Shall we begin to spar?

Who gets the last word
Surely there’s someplace to look
You say there is an older book
Which answers many questions
That within its black and white lines
God’s Holy Spirit beckons

Listen to its words
So once again we may return
Faithfulness, sanctity
Peace, security
True love back to our homes
And no longer out in the darkness
Will our children be forced to roam!

Christmas Children’s Book! Just in time for Christmas

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One Holy God!

This ONE Holy God

God Himself decided
Creator of this Unending Universe
Knowing ahead the pain
To come to live on earth
Traveled through the 
Darkened mists
To bring to His man’s story
A new and better twist

This our Prince of Peace
Came to love and save
From the rich, the powerful
To the least of the least
Of the least
By walking out of an empty grave!

We should celebrate that long-ago night
When all of Heaven’s glorious light
Came to live, to rest 
Within a fragile, human shell
So all of Heaven’s angelic choirs could
Loudly sing & tell
Of Our God’s unending love for us!

Every Day!

Every Day!

Every day,
We need your help
Still so many tears on earth
Do fall
Please stop to hear, to listen
To our calls

Return to me
Before I may move
Not impossible is this
To understand for you

From above God’s voice beckons
Turn & live in a new direction
So from my throne may flow
My Joy-Filled weapons
That you may live in
The newest of glorious heavens
Forever enthroned upon
My loving affections! 

Zechariah 1:3 Therefore tell the people: This is what the Lord Almighty says: Return to me, declares the Lord Almighty and I will return to you says the Lord Almighty.(NIV)

Jeremiah 32:27 Behold I am the Lord the God of all flesh. Is there anything too hard for me? (KJV)

Poem to an Abstract

Poem to an Abstract

Star whirl
Colors twirl
In bright ribbons
Around your head
So I believe
To yourself
You said:
“I should do something
With this

Leaning forward 
With a gentle kiss
The Son said:
“I agree although
We have not a 
Compelling need
Except to perhaps
If this, our love,
More are willing to receive

So you spoke
And You built
Soon those colors
They filled
A universe
Of twirling shapes
Some soft
some hard, terse

So You
Built an earth
Of greens & blues
Such vibrant hues
Plants, animals
& at last your man
Such glorious life
Only Your peace
No strife

We spoiled it
Your Son You
Did send us
Someday will 
It be returned
And once again
We will be 
Allowed to learn
Of Your Glorious Perfection!!