Flitter Away

Flitter Away

To watch
It flitter about
Even it twitters about
Stalls. Crashes.

This waste of precious time
Throwing away of minds
Reaching for the subpar
Mundane, mediocre
(Or less than)
When instead
We could touch the sublime

The mind (&heart) of God
Calls out to us 
Every heartbeat 
Every breath
Every moment a test
Of your reply

Call out to Him
He'll call out even louder
Return to you even more power
To every moment, each hour
Live in the basking
Glow of His face
So we will no longer
Have to trace
That wretched waste
(The flitter away)
Of our precious life's time!!!



Praise even harder
As satan squeezes tighter
For you know 
Jesus is a fighter
Never giving up

satan has no knockout punch
Delivering in just one tremendous blow
Jesus raised a bloodied fist
From that wooden cross
Only one wham
then a bam
Christ just sighed 
then He died
Finally relaxed
Had finished His task
& just went out to lunch!!!

We Say

We Say

I say this 
You say that
Words flying thru the air
Tossed into that great hat
Of a world's opinions

Changing almost by the hour
Quickly coming in increasing showers
From the human ever restless heart
At an ancient beginning, our start
No end in sight to this 
Our dark, yet most refin-ed art

In opposition to more elevated words
Trying strongly man's destiny to turn
Spun from heaven's celestial higher calling
Still we stumble, tumble over our mispronuciations to continue falling
Over our own words

We ruin ourselves our lives
With crude, more crass words every day
When will we ever learn the
Value in those words 
our only God has such to say?

God's words can lift us higher
Ignite in us once more a Spirit's fire
Able to lift out of a dark murk & mire
Of our own creating

We should listen
To what God has to say
With His shining verbal pearls
Enhancing all our days
Speaking crystal shards of truth
To deny satan's stabbing wounds
As in eternity an ancient enemy's darkness
God forever will at last exclude!!!



Many slogans, jargon
Thrown out,
Fly around our heads
Words spoken
That get said
By poorly educated sources

Follow your dreams
Follow your own heart
I wish for a start
These words would 
Come to light
Follow your God, 
Jesus Christ
Containing such might!

What a different world 
Would we see
If from a bended knee
We took a different perspective
As a group collective
Would be more effective
If we ceased to worship 
The self

So follow the only truly One,
Holy Father, Spirit Son
Who can give more than 
We are able to imagine
Perfect love, joy, peace
If we began to follow Him
With a deep radical passion
I tremble with exhilaration
At the thought, what could happen!

A different, better world if
We followed His heart
Rather than merely following
Our own
Better life for all would
Most certainly to be shown
As closer & closer to Him
We have grown
& deeper into our hearts
His Divine Light has been sown!! 

To Gain A Loss!

To Gain a Loss!

Once in a first century
A people lived
Under much evil treachery
Not willing to commit 
Any libel or perjury
They gave their all
To a suffering Savior
To listen to His voice's tender call

‘Come to me all you who are weary
And I will give you rest’
But the question is are you willing
To withstand a broken world’s tests
To carry His name, 
Out loud His sovereignty
To acclaim

Life is not about pleasure alone
But about a God who loves 
From above on a golden throne
Willing to sacrifice everything 
So all of us into His Paradise
He could finally at last bring

So do as those heroes of the past
(today we would surely stand aghast)
They were willing to lose all
They obeyed, listened, answered Christ’s call
Losing jobs, homes, even their own blood
To wear the name proudly of ‘Christian’!

Plain & Simple

Plain & Simple

Plain & simple
Words on a page
Without faith in 
That red blood of Christ
All condemned to
a darkened hell
No great mystery
This is the truth
For any to understand, to tell

From a book of truth
God warns
At times
Even at us storms
Using examples from
The world’s past
Trying to convince us
Before like a stone
We could be thrown
Into that dark hole

Greater forces
Gather gentlest voices
Trying to win, cajole
Our Savior, Christ,
God, our Creator/Father
Holy Spirit urging
From words in His sacred scroll
Loving, to also console
For His greatest goal
Is to win back each soul
Intact, in whole
Back into His Loving Arms!