Roaring of the Seas

Roaring of The Seas

This was never meant to be
This raging, crashing roaring of the sea
Foaming waves of so much disharmony
Meant were we herein to forever see
Only the calming ripples of the gentlest of peace

As it seems to inevitably come thru man
A rankling, stirring of our calm waters occurred
By a troubled, darkened wind were they stirred
At once, a rising discord by all was heard
& our peace to that moving storm did fall, defer

One day almost unannounced a calming hand
Reached down into all the chaos so unplanned
A Christ, Messiah, Lord, Son of Man
Came to walk upon our troubled shores
To break the back of that satan’s discord

With only one finger calmly did He come to restore
His original peace by His blood was freely outpoured
And returned to us was the complete & holy cord
Of our God’s Love
Forever restored
The stilled waters to the course of each eternal soul!



Are brave
Coming only to slay
The great fire-breathing

His destruction he spreads
Creating only dark dread
Within the human heart
Breathing out, creating
Our end from his very start

There is a power
That can bring back
To life
The dead

Christ can create
a Dragonslayer
within you
He will give you
All the tools
Meant to be used
Not hidden away
On a shelf

Rise up
Go forth in His glory
And take that strong
Word’s sharpened sword
Stop that evil’s discord
And help Christ’s purity to live
Within each heart to rise and soar!

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Do Not Continue

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Do Not Continue

Do not continue to lie
And give only half-truths
To me,
Pastor of today
You are supposed to be
God’s wisdom-filled sage
Do not continue to say
I may live as I please
Lusting after all the things
I only can touch & see

Even with all your degrees,
You should be on your knees
Leading the way
To a better day
Do not let, allow
The evil one to win
Lead us away from all 
This world’s increasing sin
Another voice is screaming
More loudly every day
Telling me you’re
Leading the wrong way!

Stand up! 
Be God’s man
Lead this country, our land
The way it’s supposed to go
His Son you MUST SHOW
If salvation will come
Before it’s too late
& many will be left knocking,
crying outside forever
The glory of God’s heavenly gates

On Speed

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On Speed

Crash, crash
Thud, thud 
Lives speed-ed up
Whirling around
A distracting hub
Of meaningless behavior

Don’t think for yourself
How dare you!
Especially about a spirit?
Ignore, ignore
The impertinent chore
Of believing in 
A Savior!

Believe every word they say
To guide both night & day
Allow that talk show host
Over you to hold complete sway!
Until he fails to break
The enlightened spell
& you at last awake
Yourself to embrace
In your Lord/Creator
A cleaner, purer faith!

Angel in the Corner

The Angel in the Corner

Angel in the corner
Shouting your name
Speaks not a word
Yet carries your cure
For an evil’s painful strife
Bearing the knowledge
For all life

Warrior forever
Following Your orders
Lord Jesus
Believers to gather
Back home

Sworn allegiance to You
Unlimited power
Bearing The Only Name
That truly matters
Before a dark enemy
Will neither run nor scatter

Symbol of Your
Unquenchable power
In every second, every hour
Thank you Lord Jesus
For sending them to us
In You only forever
May we trust

Rejoicing again & again
May we learn from them
You salvation to carry,
To win

Stools of Do Nothing!

Stools of Do Nothing!

In this country, USofA,
Not all,
But many
Who claim
To carry 
Christ’s name
Do Nothing

We enjoy our 
As we stroll,
In our prosperity
As glaringly
Evil grows, rises

We have not stood against
satan’s darkness
He stands in jest
Of our spiritual weakness
As all around we see
Our culture deteriorates

It is time to 
Gird our loins
As of old
As the ancient 
Book has told
Dress ourselves
In God’s Protective Armor
For the battle 
Does rage
Each & every day

If suffer we must
To carry Christ’s name
Then suffer we should
To protect all that is good
All good things flow
From the Father
Of the heavenly lights
It is time for Christ’s
American church to
Join in the fight!!