Early this morning, Christmas morning, I had an impression. In it, it was like I could sense God overhead and below him closer to the ground was an almost shapeless, glistening object.  I sensed it represented a human soul.

I sensed He was showing me why he places so much value on each person. We are made of the same basic material as the living God, pure spirit. The real us is a spirit created in the image of God, eternal, never going to cease to exist. Our intellect, our emotions and our will are the real us. For everyone, our physical shells will die and cease to function, but not our eternal souls.

I think the message was this is why He places so high a value on us, higher than I can understand. I needed this message maybe more than anyone. The beggar on the street means as much to God as the President of the United States. May God bless your day!!

Good Morning

Good Sunday Morning!! I pray God bless your day with his supernatural, almighty love and presence.

Here lately I have been praying for more assurance of my salvation. I had such a traumatic, insecure childhood that I did not know how to really feel safe and secure with anyone anywhere. Severe trust issues. It made it so difficult to believe in a loving heavenly father and believe in the security of my own salvation.

But Christ is helping me with that. His blood on that cross is like a large ocean with its waves sweeping over us in baptism to purge all our impurities. We come out of this ocean a new creation. Sin and death were destroyed on that cross along with Satan’s power to have any authority over us. Christ’s death on the cross put to death Satan’s authority forever. Praise God. Praise God!!!



The first few years of my life were traumatic and very frightening. My birth mother abandoned me when I was only five days old. I became a ward of the state living at first in an orphanage. She would not put me up for adoption, saying she wanted to come back for me but time wore on. I was in limbo, not being allowed to be put into a stable home.

I did not develop well in the orphanage so a doctor said I should be placed in foster care so to foster care I went. All I remember from all of this was fear, pain and terror. At one point I stopped eating until I got used to my new environment. Finally my birth mother allowed me to be put up for adoption. (I know this because I had my adoption records opened and read them. I needed closure on why I was given away)

I was adopted into a home when I was a little less than 2 years old. I remember the fear. I would not let my new adoptive mother touch me. I would scream and run from her. They told her it was probably because she reminded me of someone who had mistreated me, but as time wore on, I finally warmed up to her.

Unfortunately in the 1950’s child psychology was not as well advanced as it is today with all of the helpful counseling services that are available now. I don’t think my new mother knew how to handle or help a troubled child. I somehow never felt deeply loved or wanted inside my new home. I look back and realize I suffered from anxiety and depression both as a child.

But and this is a big but, I always even as a young child could feel a presence with me. I can remember being able to lay down in the grass, look up and feel a powerful presence with me. I believe it was the presence of the living God. Doesn’t He say Never will I leave you. Never will I forsake you.

Anyway enough for today. May God bless you and your family and friends!hs3God-the-Father-Jehovahrising-angel-13881162



To Testify


One of the reasons I started this blog site was to testify to some of the things God has done for me in my life, things I have until now shared only with my family. Over the next few months, I would like to tell some of the experiences I have had with Christ and God, I believe, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

I had a very troubled, frightening and traumatic start in life that at times felt like being in hell. My spirit was very damaged by those events, and only by the grace of God and the power of the Holy Spirit did I survive and was saved. If I can help someone else on their journey through life then I hope anything I write may be of use to you. May God bless you!!