First Blush

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Today was so beautiful in my part of the world. It was the first real cool day with a breeze blowing. I could not resist a few pictures of our wetland area with the first few blushes of fall’s colors just starting. Hope you enjoy. Praise God for His kindness in making His world so pretty to look at sometimes!

I live in a smaller town where we still have a lovely courthouse square and several older, historic homes still being well-maintained making it pleasant to walk the city’s sidewalks.

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
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Battleground #2


Darkness chases me

From an ancient enemy

Hot breath behind

On my neck

Running I scream

For someone to protect

My heart

I labor, I pant, I moan

Pain, terror fills the air

Eyes closed from fear

I crash into your chest

You stroke my hair

Embrace, folding me

Into the gentle nest

Of your heart

Your light explodes

Filling my orphan’s world

Making up for my lacks

Of home, family

Giving me yourself,

Lord Christ,

And our joyful ecstasy!

A Creeping

A Creeping

(a prayer)

Sadness creeps in

Between the cracks

Of my Darkened heart

That I wear

Holding on to

Every care

Help me, Holy Spirit

To let go

So old memories

May no longer hold

Their black power

Thank you for appearing

Willing to come nearer

To this world’s & my pain

Trying to teach me

The strength within your name

Of Glory, Majesty, power

Over heaven and hell

Urging me to tell

Your nearness to me

For a spell

Of Your Beauty’s angels,

Darkness’s demons,

Your blinding Light

Help me to do it right

To spread your goodness

To a world so dreadfully,

Desperately, in need of

Your Love’s Passion

And Perfectly Pure Might!!

Falling Leaves & Fuzzy Grass

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KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Falling Leaves & Fuzzy Grass

Through falling leaves

& fuzzy grass

I hear fall’s whispers

As I pass

On glass waters

I watch you float

In orange, sun-yellows, gold

You gloat

Undisturbed by my remote

Passing by

I hold this day

Within my heart

Knowing from fall’s colors

I shall have to never part

So, if I am allowed to walk

Longer upon this earth

At another day, another time

I shall once again be witness

To that christening divine

Of yet one more glorious fall’s birth!



Uncontainable, unstoppable

You will raise the dead

Re-create, remake

Reinspire our dulled


Even the leaves, the grass

Will praise your name

All creation will shout

For joy

As we watch the work

Of Your Hands

For you are coming

To return

Everything to its



A new body for us

A new world for

You to rule

All creatures, creation

Will return to

Its beginning purpose

Of rejoicing,

Basking in the

Beauty You have always

Wished to share with us,


The Living

A Living One

You pass me by

Stopping, coming


Than expected

Your beauty on display

You feel like

Living electricity

The tingle filling the air

Around your face

And being

You glisten, shining,

You literally sparkle

With yourself

This living Power

You are surrounds

The air around you

And I bow to worship

My God

Creator, Maker

Lover of all souls!

Birds, suns

The stars rejoice in

Your Presence

You are our Life!

Your Universe is awash

In your glowing powerful

Life, Self

With every heartbeat, breath

May I praise Your Name

In the foreverness of your kingdom!

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

Falling Leaves

Autumn’s colors splash


Shy at first


They burst,


Through the air

Beneath a crystal sky

Blue air above my head

Leaves go floating by

Ruby’s reds, oranges

Sun’s-burst yellows

Explode within my soul

For wasn’t that your goal?

God, didn’t you do it just

For me

Rent them from your heart

Created just to please

The senses

They fall below my knees

In such beauty, your glory’s colors.

Oh, if I could die like that!

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