Another Level

There is another level to existence
Unseen but not entirely unknown
Ever since we humans walked 
Upon this spinning planet so green
lived under its sun, breathed in its air, 
Of other beings were we fully aware
this other side was completely seen

Until we rebelled against its Leader
The One completely in charge
Ran everything, owned everything,
Loved everything & everyone
Decided to be our own Leader
Replaced God with man
Pushed Him aside to follow a deceiver
And the self’s desires

A schism, a chasm was created
Across which we cannot go
Now we turn our backs, harden the heart
To the things we should strive to know
Build webs of cables, darkened lies
Given by someone who only strives
To bring about our destruction 

Entangled in this deceit, 
We now ignore what we once knew
We encase our hearts in stone
Refusing to see the reality of You
The Owner, Creator, Lord & Master
(gave His life on our cruel cross)
Of this beautifully created Universe!

Colors of Christmas

Colors of Christmas

Red and Green are 
Everywhere seen
For Christmas
Was there a reason for these
Surely there must be
Or so it seems to me

Red in the berries
For the blood that Christ shed
On a cruel cross
As Mary’s body was in pain at your birth
Her heart’s pain at your death most
Assuredly must have been worse

Green for the life that Jesus
Gives freely everywhere
For our souls like plants may rise
Upward to live in His purest of airs

So maybe there was a reason
For the colors of this joyous season
May you come to know the miracle and wonder
As God’s love and mercy ripped asunder
Death’s power over us all forever
Through the birth of Jesus, 
His One and Only Most Glorious Son!

The Light is Meant to Shine!

Light is meant to shine

White Light against the darkness
Hope against despair
This world certainly carries a 
Heart wrenching load 
Of troubles and cares

But us, 
We Christians,
Are meant to shine as lights
Of God’s Joy and Holy Might
Meant to carry His Love
Sent from heavenly abodes above

So if you carry Christ’s name
Remember diligently His fame
Speaks of His grace, mercy
And His death’s sacrifice
Which brought down to all mankind
All of heaven’s glorious light
We are meant to carry into
A darkened world’s despairing 
Terror and fright!

Where’s My Christmas Dinner?

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

I took my husband out walking on the greenway system this Christmas Eve. He is recovering nicely from his strokes, but he is starting his treatments for the cancer. He loves to walk outside along the river.

We were blessed enough to see a Great Blue Heron, and I could not help but think of Christmas Dinner. This poor guy has to really work for his. I hope he eventually caught what he was looking for. I hope everyone who reads this post will enjoy their Christmas, and may God Himself, the only living, breathing Creator Lord bless all your days!

Air Dancer

Air Dancer

Long, luxurious limbs
Dancing, elegant
Stripped of all summer’s green finery
evidencing once again that simplicity
may be more beautiful

Lithe and lovely on this cool winter’s day
Glistening white skin shows so well
Of your graceful beauty it beckons to tell
To pleasure us, we mere mortals

More beautiful than myriad dancers on
Any stage
Among winter’s cold breath your limbs
Twist, turn & sway
In time to a music only you can hear
At the water’s edge I watch then
Shed one small tear

Over your beauty so exquisite
My words would never do it justice
Oh, the joy God must have felt 
Watching your lightest steps
Above the solid firmness of His ground!

Twisted Beauty

Twisted Beauty

Long and lithe
In your sensuality
Yet some would only see
A twisted beauty

Gnarled, darkened in spots
Your limbs still dance at
Water’s edge
Yet still of a life to tell
Do you quietly beg 
Even though not nearly as bright 
as those rainbow’s lights 
Cascading upon a watery top

Once you were the same
As any other
Green, alive, strong
For those days perchance
do you still reminisce & long?
But I say with all sincerity
I find your beauty refreshing

It reminds us that life is life
No matter its age
Or regardless of the stage
Within which it is found
God’s love & care perhaps
May yet best be seen or found
Enwrapped around those
Who all their long life
Have best fulfilled the purposes
of His grace, beauty & His light!