His Power over Darkness

According to my adoption records I was a sensitive child. I once had an elder of a church say he thought I was a spiritually sensitive person. I know it has been a blessing in my life. I know in this world, especially in our very wealthy, money oriented culture that is so in love with ourselves, money, possessions, and pleasure, we have a tendency to deny or neglect the spiritual aspects of our lives. We are truly spirits only temporarily connected to our physical shell.

I have had several supernatural experiences, and what I guess I’m trying to lead up to is I have had three encounters with demons, very dark creatures.

The first happened many years ago when I was going through a very dark time in my life but trying to draw closer to Christ and God and the Holy Spirit. I woke up one night and a dark mass felt like it was laying on my chest. I was afraid and all I could think to do was say “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, be gone.” It immediately was gone, left.

The second encounter was when I was on my first round of chemotherapy for my breast cancer. I was sleeping in an old recliner and suddenly woke up. I looked down and this dark person was laying on top of me. It looked up at me, smiled a perverted smile and asked, “Susie, what are you trying to do with this book.” I naturally was frightened but again said, “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, be gone.” Within a heartbeat, it was gone. I was at the time working on a novel which I have finished which was about the useless divisions within our Christian churches or denominations we have created.

The third experience came about a year ago. I am still suffering fatigue from all the cancer treatments. One night I was awake, and a very dark man was in the room with me suddenly. I said, “In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, be gone.” He said to me, “No, it doesn’t work that way.” I immediately yelled for a second time, “Oh yes, it does. In the name of Jesus of Nazareth, be gone.” And he disappeared instantaneously.

Praise you Lord Jesus for the beauty of your face, your great and loving heart and also for your wonderful power and authority over everything in creation. Bless you Lord!! Thank you for your salvation from all of Satan’s schemes against us.

Not Little

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Photo by Anton Atanasov on Pexels.com
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com
Not Little

He makes the 
Robin sing
The honey bee buzz
Old men cry
And babies laugh
Forces the sun’s
Blaze with fire
& sends the moon’s 
pale glow at night
not one of these things
is ever out of His hand
or His sight!

Knows every black hole
And every giant star
Every planet, every comet
We are able to see 
Only from afar
Holds a vast universe
In one hand
But we as tiny, 
So limited man
Really see only this dirt, 
This earth!

He Forces great nations
To rise
& then to fall
from the 
Human heart
Still hears the slightest,
Smallest call
For that is where
It starts!

Within the 
Human heart
Life starts &
Not in the wind
But in His breath
His Spirit
Living within!

Knows your
Every thought
Every care,
Every smile
Every tear
So never, ever
Have a moment’s fear
That your
Living, breathing
Powerful God
is not always near!

He is not small
He is not little
He will always
Rush to hear
About your life
The pain, the strife
You live in
God is going to win
Eternity belongs to Him
And so do you
If you will only choose!!!

Angel On Your Knees

Angel on Your Knees

Angel, angel
On your knees
Are you always 
And ever seeking
To Please?

From your start,
So close to His heart
This God of ours
Fills up the hours
Of our lives

With Himself
Joy surpassing
Ever glowing
Always showing
Perfection’s glory
On display

And so on this day
We both will stay
In our worship
Of His radiance
Reaching down
To give each
Of even the least
A special glance
Of Himself,
Eternity on display!!!


(on a busy sidewalk)

a busy city sidewalk
elbow to elbow
on every face is
pressure mounting
higher, higher

streets full of cars
jostling for position
under each red light
this caravan of busy
reaching out of sight
noisy cacophony of 
impatient horns

But yet, into
This man-made
Mess of madness
A sense of peace,
True Destiny,
Walks with us
Side by side
On each busy street
& sidewalk

Unseen, but not
He walks 
In His royal robe
Searching, looking
Passing by
Among us
Longing to touch
Each heart
Desiring to give
Reveal, impart
A better life
Temporarily out of
But sensed

In that small breeze
That touches 
Your skin
Ruffles the edges
Of your heart
Look up 
New life begins
At the edge of
The old

As your King
Walks past
In the crowd
Let him win
Without any doubt
Without a sound
Or shout
He will give to you
More than a busy
Sidewalk’s chaos
Let him come, refresh
As only Christ can do
& give to you 
A better life anew!

To DANCE in the RAIN!

I dance in the rain

Under dark, cloudy skies

With arms, hands raised

I offer up my only gift

Of joyful praise

Upward in our God’s name!

Life’s rains on all
Will fall
But that only 
Sends out the call
To love harder
Dance even more
As the painful rains
Around us pour
Our God suffered 
the rains also
To help us grow
In grace, to become
Closer to His face

This loving Christ

On man’s evil cross

Still offered to us

His Glorious & Eternal

Joy-filled Paradise!