New Eden

New Eden

With a trumpet’s blast
Angelic wings will beat
To agitate, despoil the air 
Their voices shout
It will come about
With lightning’s speed

This new Eden 
Glorious, magnificent
Will descend
The old order will 
Completely end
New heavens, new earth,
A new Jerusalem

My feet will trod
Upon a newborn sod
New city with streets
Of fine-spun gold
No more will man
To sin be sold
On street corners so cheaply

Everything seen now
Is only shadow, temporary
Out of necessity

All man’s creations
Will be done away with
So God’s New Earth, 
New Heavens 
At last may begin

Joy, peace, love
Of these things 
There will be no end
Eternal God will reign

Death, tears, pain
Will all be gone
Praise to God, Christ
Will be forever’s song

So do not miss 
Reunion with
Your Creator
Do not deny 
His Touch,
His infinity’s kiss
Take His hand now
So you and I may stay,
Live in Glory’s new day,
Together, Forever!!

Don’t Sell Yourself So Cheaply

Do Not Sell Yourself So Cheaply

Why do we sell ourselves
So cheaply?
Do not give away yourself
So quickly.

You are an eternal soul
Worth so much more than gold
Never meant to be sold
As slaves

To this earth
And its selfish,
Physical ways
So for awhile just stay
And listen

I say we are the only ones
Ever created in God’s own image
Fleshly though, we are
His daughters, His sons

Meant to carry His face
His goodness to trace
To all of His creation
Reflect His presence,
Glory and grace

So let us get about
The job we have been given
So it may be said
With nobility we have striven
And with a grand shout
Letting go all our doubts
Rise, transcend to 
His Majesty’s infinity!! 

Don’t Blame God!

Don’t Blame God

I fuss, I cuss,
I spit, I hiss
I extend my claws
Without a pause
I’ll let you have it

Then down I shrink
After a moment to think
Why did I do that?
Lost control again
I simply cannot win

Over this lustful, errant 
Of mine
Maybe with more time?

But no
I know
That will never happen
Not in my day
Will I ever have complete sway

Who can I blame
To mind comes the only name,
Myself, me
I am the only one I see 
Standing inside, beside me

So do not blame God for
Our destructive of life behavior
Nor can you blame your neighbor
He has his own evil to deal with

God holds out his light
Love, joy peace
Always within your reach
It is Your Choice
So do not keep
On blaming God
For our compliance, our nod
Toward the darkness

Can You See Me?

Can You Find Me?

Can you find me
In the rush,
The crush
Of this life?

Chaos has been unleashed
Upon the streets
Of the unseeing,
The unsuspecting.

Blinded, deluded
By one so evil
satan – darkest lord
that devil

Great deceiver
Desiring to destroy
Believers, non-believers
Us all
Thru him came 
Our darkest fall

But God’s light shines
Thru each & every time
Piercing, undiminished,
Undimmed by any culture
No man or devil’s hand can
Destroy Christ’s future
He has planned
For those who love Him!

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I Cannot Save You

I cannot Save You

Sitting on a throne
Royal blood decided
And even though angels chided
His mind would not be changed

I will go do this
Their eternal bliss
Hangs in the balance
For this they will
Have utterly no talent
I myself will save them!

So do not look to me
I too must stay on bended knee
For my own salvation to receive
On a pedestal do not place a human
I do not wish to draw you toward me.

My, man’s blood, is tainted
And although a human head
May be called sainted
Still man’s blood is impure
For none will escape that tragic allure
Sin still holds for all of us

It took the blood of the purest of all
To cleanse our darkest sins
You must follow His voice & His alone
If You truly desire to win
This battle most ferocious 
we all currently struggle in, 
For Only Christ’s Holy
But bloodied, clean waters
Can remove the blackened stains
Of our, (man’s), horrific sins!