Startle Me

 Startle Me
 Startle me,
 Wake me,
 On a shelf 
 I’ve been
 Too long
 Now seems
 The perfect time 
 For a newer song
 So . . . 
 Wake me
 Shake me
 Do it again
 King Jesus
 As you did it then
 On those dusty streets
 Of old Jerusalem
 Flow thru us
 Live through us
 Your power shining,
 As to your world
 Your beauty
 You’re showing
 So, come
 Lord Jesus
 Legions of angels
 Behind you
 To tromp,
 On this
 Shallow dirt,
 This clay
 Quake the earth
 As you did before
 Awaken your church
 Let it arise
 At your bidding
 As this dark war
 Assuredly you will
 Be winning
 Let us not be afraid
 To get our hands dirty
 Comfort, convenience
 Never wins the day
 So do it,
 King Jesus
 Do it Again
 Awaken once
 more our spirits
 to call us your
 Steadfast Soldiers
 & Friends!

Praise God!

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Psalm 150

Praise the Lord

Praise God in His sanctuary
praise Him in His mighty 
Praise Him for His 
acts of power
praise Him for His surpassing
praise Him with the sounding of
the trumpet
praise Him with the harp and
praise Him with timbrel and dancing
praise Him with the strings 
and pipe
praise Him with the clash of cymbals
praise Him with resounding

Let everything that has breath
praise the Lord

Praise the Lord

I just thought this was good way to start off the day after Christmas Day. Hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas, that everyone stayed safe. May God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit bless and guide your day today.

Swallowed by the Sun

 Swallowed by the Sun
 The Sun
 That Fiery burning orb
 Of our earth he is the lord
 For surely, all life here below
 without its heated glow
 Would die
 Be dark
 Encrusted by the cold
 Death for every plant,
 Would soon ensue
 Even for me & you
 For sure 
 It is a paradox
 Yet, Swallowed by the sun
 No one could survive
 Burnt to a crisp
 I most assuredly would die
 However. . . ,
 There is another sun
 More glorious than you
 To be swallowed 
 By this SON
 Only brings us to
 Love, joy 
 Beyond my poor
 To see
 So swallow me Lord Jesus
 Engulf me in your glory
 It is my same old story.
 For You, 
 My pain-filled heart bleeds
 Only Your precious warmth
 Brings the life I truly need
 Inside your burning light
 I am allowed to see
 So I fall to my knees
 Beg, implore
 Swallow me Lord
 Let me live, breathe, exist
 Your Glistening, 
 Golden Glory!!

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The Flying V!

 The Flying V
 It flies, zooms
 Moving so fast
 At first I cannot see
 What this flying
 Abstraction, monstrosity
 Must be
 It is a flying V!
 It moves, zips
 With so much speed
 I cannot see
 Its shape
 So I reach an arm
 To reach for its tip
 At firsts it eludes
 But I continue to
 Until I reach 
 Into the air
 Then turn to stare
 At what lies 
 Within my hands
 It is the letter 
 Well, this was not
 Within my day’s plan!
 Never would I have guessed
 If I had been put to the test
 That such a symbol
 Would belong
 To such as I
 What could this mean
 Then I too began to tremble
 Until a hand
 Reached from behind
 It is for you a sign
 A man smiled
 As he spoke
 Do you not see
 What this flying V
 Stands for?
 I shook my head 
 As He spoke His
 Words were slow
 Listen carefully
 He said
 And I will show
 Its meaning
 He removed His robe
 His body was scarred
 His perfect flesh 
 Had been deeply marred
 Yes, my flesh was
 I died in disgrace
 For you
 Yet within my nail-scarred
 I hold the Promised Land
 Waiting for you
 It takes a deep belief
 Faith in me
 This is for your
 Most sincere relief
 From your own
 No more will it win
 I destroyed that 
 The hold
 It had on you
 This V is a sign
 Of my complete
 Over all that enslaved
 Each child of mine
 I saved the day
 No more will hell
 Or death have its way
 With you
 As I watched
 His arms He raised
 In that perfect stance
 Of old
 It took only one glance
 For me to know
 Over His head
 His arms they formed that
 Perfect V
 On display
 For everyone forever
 & always to see!!
 And I could see
 Of that which
 He spoke
 He had removed
 That darkest of yokes
 My sin 

Refreshing #2

O Holy Night
 If you will
 For a minute or two
 Will not cause you
 Extravagant pain
 May be possibly
 Worth what
 You might gain
 Sit back, relax
 In your most
 Comfortable chair
 Shake your head
 Let the wings of 
 Your imagination’s
 Mind Soar
 Above your daily cares
 To the words in
 An ancient book
 Take a lingering look
 Words so divine
 Speak of our future
 In a different time
 To a new Heaven
 And a new Earth
 A time of complete
 Not only for our
 New bodies and souls
 But of a new city
 & planet we are told
 A new city
 Described in terms 
 Of gold and jewels
 So precious, rare
 For those
 who will
 To follow
 Stay faithful
 Even to a cross
 Be willing to 
 Suffer loss
 To be a part
 Of the New Eden
 If that book,
 Says it is so
 It is so
 In Christ’s words
 & blood written
 And in that
 Old World
 Old Order
 No more pain
 No more death
 No suffering
 So forth we
 Should Go
 To be enwrapped
 Within HIS arms
 In purest love
 & surpassing Joy!