Dissipation (melting away)

(melting away)

My shell will dissipate
Allowed no longer
To participate
At this level

The real of me 
At last, 
will be allowed to see
My Lord,
God, finally
Will I with you be

To be lifted up 
On wings of bliss
O’ my soul
Of this I care not to,
Dare not to miss

Living in your light
Clarity, love & might
To know fully 
As I am fully known
All will be exposed
At last, your truth shown
By You, God,
To be eternally owned 
All this, from before my eyes
Will no longer be withheld!!



Why do we not see
Is it we cannot
Or do not want to be

Faithful, submissive
To someone greater
Than the I of me?

Hardening of the heart
To the idea of such a God
To all of life gives
Only a very false start

Saying I don’t 
Want to see
Does not change
Our Reality 

Open your inner eyes
On just the physical
Do not rely
Do not wear 
As a disguise

For refusal
A lack of perusal
Into the gracious beauty
Of Our Father/Creator!



Flitting & fluttering
Your ideas You bring
Through my heart
They race, 
Quite literally
Out loud they sing

Rushing, gushing
Speaking your name
Always is it the same
Of a true wisdom’s King
Their voices calling,
In praises loudly ring

So, dearest God
Once again 
Upon your earth
Will you trod
Returning most assuredly
Your life’s bright purity
To our darkened skies
As we look upward 
With our heartfelt sighs

Come Lord Jesus, Come!

Our God’s One
& Only True Son
Name us,
Claim us,
For in this today’s now,
Our eternal journey
Has already begun!!

Yahweh’s Light Shines From You! — Pure Glory

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Yahweh’s Light Shines From You! — Pure Glory