Why do we abuse?
Are we really
So confused
As to what we are?

Lies fly all around
Covering even the ground
Underneath my feet they crunch
Leaving me full?
Not so much

From an ancient hillside
The truths they flow
Rivers gushing of purest gold
Washing, seeking,
Purging each struggling,
Dying soul

Only within 
Christ’s outstretched
Lies the glory, truth of
His promised land

Under His feet 
Confusion flees
Before your face 
You will see
All lies die
They will end
As He rushes in
New life
New world
As only God can send

Beauty Sublime

Here’s a short, simple slide show of some photos I took on my bike rides along our greenway system where I live. Hope you enjoy and Praise God!

Beauty Sublime

Beauty Sublime
O’ for me sheer bliss
No matter the season 
Or the time
Lovely forms and colors
Upon his creation
God left one more kiss

Multitudes, varieties
No two exactly the same
To help us enjoy
And our senses to please
All this beauty
Was for man’s gain

So wander the world
Drink in its wondrous sights
Leaving it whole
Let it lift you to
New heavenly heights!

Genesis 1:1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

A Stupor!

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on
Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur on
A Stupor

In a stupor
We walk
As we stare
At a world
Only physical
We think
But if you blink
In only one small wink
You can awake

All around
Those beings
Angels to do
His bidding
demons always trying
their own way
To be winning

After walking
On His planet
He left behind
Upon it
A few 
Who were
Then more followed

Until it was
More & more
Now upon
The near & so distant
More eyes
Hearts wakened

So join
A growing crowd
Even if 
You have to shout
To tell what it is

It is too late
& their stupor
We cannot abate
As those who
Are now awake
most patiently
His return

Why This?

What Else?

What else is there?
Nothing rings true
Where upon this planet
For this
Lies the cure?

Rings of the temporary
Over it
Literally stumbles
I know this sounds contrary

A world’s song 
Completely different
I know we all long
To believe it
But its useless voice
We must bury it

Wars will come and end
Governments rise & fall
Even death our bodies 
Will be allowed to rend

So, listen to the voice
Of your God/Christ
Because there’s really 
Nothing, no one else
As He comes back
And we watch
As all the old away 
Does melt!