The Broken Restored!

The Broken Restored

My soul was broken
In pieces shattered
Only You could collect
The pieces
From where 
They were scattered

Into the darkness
Your fingers reached
& found them
I stand restored,
Whole, once again

A new creation 
Is for what you wish
But only You, Dear Savior
That truth can seal
With Your Holy Kiss!

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Three Great Lies

Three Great Lies

Three great lies pervade the air
Most of these people to hear do not care
So to be honest, of these three
If you will forgive,
I will try, dare to share

An enemy, that satan, first will tell you
Each, every & of us, all,
(He’s been struggling to push this
Since in a garden we had our great fall)
It is,
There is no god, he does not exist

The second one does not bring so much bliss
It is
God does not love you even if He does exist
This is one which we must fully resist
If God does not love, then why the cross
Where for Him & an Eternal Son,
Was such an extreme & blood-filled cost?

And last but most certainly not the least
God is not all-powerful, not in full control
For millennia this lie has unequivocally been sold
& told to a dark & dying world
Man is just as smart & able his own destiny
To control

Such things get determinedly pushed
More today than I’ve ever seen
In this chaotic world’s quest to reach
For whatever in one heartbeat
At any particular moment is deemed
For us to be pleasant

The truth?, 
We are not our own god
Never have been, never will we be
Truth stands knocking
If you will dare to see
The Eternal, All-Powerful Truth,
God holds within His Loving Hand
Ready & willing to be received
(If you choose)
By each woman, child or man!!

A Worldwide Disease

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A Worldwide Disease

A disease is widespread
Walks around 
Sleeps in everyone’s bed
Invades each home, heart
& every head

Does not come from without
Originates from the within of us
Does not travel on any windy gusts
Or any stormy breeze

It comes from our refusal to
Bend the knee
To a wonderful, sovereign God
To worship only ourselves, 
The Me

Me can destroy other lives
That I of I
Inside each human heart
It struggles & resides

To have its say
Its own complete way
Over everything
Its indulgent siren’s song
It loudly sings

Causes wars, murders, theft
Of all true affection, kindness
It is most assuredly bereft
By it, love is truly an orphan left

We could have a brighter world
Where only purest, perfection’s love 
Could dwell
& on wings, joy’s songs would certainly swell
If we could kill off that worldwide disease

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EUPHORIA: Truth in the Filth — BeautyBeyondBones

In the Above

In The Above

In the above, those celestial skies
Surely, God must shake His head & sigh
‘Will they never learn’?
He watches as we all despise
His love’s most generous guidelines
But still I suppose
As only He most assuredly knows
& so forward & on He goes
Still trying our souls to win
Keep us from that damning sin
Of our total & defiant rebellion

Lucky for us,
Our God is not a quitter
We are the ones 
Who turn our backs & run
His wonderful perfect grace
Reflected in Beauty’s Love on His Face

Be different from the rest
Do not put God to the test
Stay, live to enjoy
Those Eternal Pleasures in store
Between Infinity’s Gates they await!


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What does it really mean
All of these different scenes
From so many different peoples
Carrying the weight of our faults
Why does not the world just topple
At times they seem so unstoppable
These, our chaotic insanities

For each of us the final rest
Comes forth only through our death
So I sigh
Look upward
Try to turn from all the lies

Please do not let yourself be deceived
Each & every soul will receive
What for themselves they chose,
In their life’s walk & daily plans
Whether to accept or reject
Our God’s Living Son of Man!

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