Jesus. . . Disney World?

Jesus or Disney World?

Disney World
That land of endless delights,
Thrills and joy!
Where nothing bad
Or sad ever happens
Your next adventure awaits
Between its hallowed gates

But wait
Don’t look too closely
You’ll see its flaws
Don’t take time
to stop or pause
They’re only whirling machines
Even though they
May glisten & gleam
It’s all a sham
A tall tale, a false dream

Wait for the real thing
To which to cling 
Jesus wants to give you
Something honest, rock solid,
So Beautiful
Mere words do not suffice
To describe the heights
Of His eternity's delights
Perfection’s Love, Contentment,
Joy, Peace, Glories that await 
Between His Majesty’s Golden Gates
Always & forever at His Right Hand

Not a Bad Way to Start the Day

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Just wanted to show all the lush greenness along our walking greenway for one last time before it starts to fade. One of our neighbors on the greenway has a beautiful backyard with a pond which has a huge water fountain in the middle. Looking at all that natural beauty so early in the morning is not a bad way to start my day. However, it is getting drier here, and fall is starting so some of the plants are just beginning to wilt and leaves turn brown. I complain about the heat but then miss it when the winter’s cold hits. I hope everyone has a good day and Praise God for His goodness!

Not all Angels Play the Harp!

Not All Angels Play The Harp

Standing tall, 
You soar
nobility on display
I, in my feeble clay,
To be as loyal as you

Fierce, strong
Following your leader
Into battle
Wherever He leads
There is an enemy 
To vanquish
Be made to bleed
Many are there to save

So onward the battle rages
Swords, blades glistening
Flash in the light
As your strong arms raise
A new trail is blazed
to lead humanity back home

Souls to be saved
Nations to be raised
To live on higher levels
To defeat demons, a devil
Hell-bent on man’s destruction

So forget the peaceful harps
Those white fleecy clouds
Today, the battle sounds
Beneath Christ’s golden crown
And mightily you fight on!

Reach for the Deep

Reach for the Deep
(not the shallows)

Inside each soul
Lie such uncharted depths
Sometimes still
Sometimes they flow
Quickly, rapidly
But nevertheless
Permanently present

Reach for those depths
Waiting to be known
Desiring, needing
to be filled
That burning hunger
Unfulfilled, unsatiated
Except by life’s truths

Raise your eyes
Toward heavenly skies
Answers can be shown
Just waiting to flow, 
Covering each, every
Truly seeking heart
Deeper levels to life
Can and will start
Only God can fill
Your empty depths!


I’ve just had a stressful two weeks. I was just getting ready to try and distribute my book, WHEN HEAVEN SIGHS, on other sites besides only Amazon when all of a sudden my memory stick just broke. I had everything on it including the book and the sequel to it. It was totally my fault. I take full responsibility for not backing up the two books on any other place so I lost the only digital copy I had of either. (small scream)

Then of all things my computer crashed. I got the BSOD, the blue screen of death. I lost family photos, some digital art work, poems, a lot of stuff. Coincidence or maybe demonic involvement. Don’t know for sure. But anyway, I have finally gotten back up and running with a newer computer and reestablished some app’s. I know it’s not the worst thing that can happen to a person. I have had cancer two times and am so far doing well, but still it was several years worth of work. God has provided again a way through. Hope everyone has a really great day and stay safe!


KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

I managed to get a couple of shots of the beautiful, white crepe myrtles before the heavy rain knocked off their blooms. Hope you enjoy. Below is a poem for Saturday.


Gleaming, dazzling
As the sun blazes
Giving out life
Yet even brighter
Your precious face

Without boundaries
Knowing no limits
Your Love lifts each
& All
Upward to share in
The glory of life
Originally intended

Oh, Lord Jesus
Send your glorious
Pure White Love,
Eternity’s Purity, 
My way, each & 
Every day
Offset satan’s darkness
We wait with eager hearts
For your glorious return!!

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Praise God and have a great day!