Love is a Someone

Love is a Someone

Not some ethereal
Idea floating
In darkest space
Or only a condition
Or nirvana, a state
You will achieve
If your life with
You decide to lace

Love is a 
This Holy, Glorious
Yaweh GOD
Known, written of
Taught, spoken of
From of old
Of Him it is said
Very often told,
HE is LOVE!!!

All Love,
Good things 
Flow down from
The Father of the
Heavenly lights
His Holy might
Holds this universe
& us

Without Him
There would be
No Love
Without Him 
Heaven would be just
Another empty space
Maybe like earth 
It would even taste!

So, look above
He waits to be found
He wants you to
Know this love
He is pouring down
Around us all
You just have to 
Heed the call
Open your heart 
A new life to win
Let your re-creation begin!!


Glory Before Time!

Glory Before Time

Before what we call
Incomprensible to our
Oh so limited minds
Reigned & still does
In Majesty sublime

Holy, Pure,
Perfect ,
Without limit
Oh, Holy Lord
May I never forget it
Hallelu Ya!!
To this One
& His Son
Who lives in
Infinity’s light
Live in my heart
In your full glory
& might!

Praise You, God!

Not Okay

Not Okay

War is not okay
Rape is not okay
Child abuse is not okay
Poverty is not okay
Neither is the extreme greed
That seems to fuel & feed
The wealthier countries
The world is not now okay,
God never meant for it
To ever be this way!!

As we close our eyes
Stare vacantly toward the sky
& ignore the surrounding 
Abnormal pain
Have we become so 
Senseless, brain dead
We accept this world as normal?
Or shouldn’t we instead
Be a part of its re-creation?

We were never meant
ourselves to tear & rend
Into many small pieces
We were meant to 
Live as God’s friend
In His perfected paradise
In love with HIM  
& each other

Instead we choose
Against HIM to rebel
Oh, how I wish this
Evil inside ourselves
We could banish, quell!
We have lived like this
For so long
I am not sure we can 
Any longer even see
what is wrong

But there is hope
For on a happier day
For those who have
Chosen to follow CHRIST'S way
God’s power & might
Will triumph, have sway
Once again the world
Will be perfected
All pain will disappear!!

While You Can!

While You Can

Praise the God of
This earth
The sky & the seas
I lift my hands in praise
As in joy I fall
to my knees!

Thank-full for the breath in my lungs
While I still have it
For even now to your glory
Are there songs yet to be sung

For the beat of my heart, 
This you have created,
As I praise your Holy Name
I plead for my country’s sin
To be abated!

I do all of this while I can
For we all know
Death stops for no man
So before I return to that dried dust,
Whilst still residing in this earthly shell
& of Him yet able to tell

I will praise God’s name
& wait most joyfully 
As He brings re-creation,
The world’s Salvation,
To those who choose
All their old ways to lose
To live forever with our Christ
In His beautiful & renewed Paradise!!

Easter’s Tree

Easter’s Tree

Easter’s tree
Sat on a hill
Of death & blood
But not even
satan’s evil
Could stop the
scarlet flood
Of God’s forceful love 

From showing on
That day
Formed as he was
Like us,
of the clay
Still was He
God’s seed,
His Only Son

On that day
That wooden tree
Was transformed
For all to see
The flowering of 
God’s heart
So from the start
For us, that tree
Remains our life’s Victory!! 



Very long ago
On a righteous throne
King Hezekiah
Of Judah reigned
He gave all his praise
To the one true God
And to only His Name

But from the northeast
Like a ravening beast
Came an evil king,
Sennacherib of Assyria
Was his name
For death & destruction
Great was his fame

In faith, King Hezekiah
Prayed to the one true
Lord of all
Received an answer to
His most earnest call
Thru Isaiah the prophet
God said,
“He will not enter this city
Or shoot an arrow here
He will not come before it 
With shield. . .”

Later that night
In the darkest of lights
God’s angel
With a powerful roar
Was sent to destroy
Warriors all, 
Strong & tall
Died that night
By God’s hand

Jerusalem was saved
Not one soul inside her walls
Was sent to an early grave
God will do the same
For you, for us
We just need to have 
Faith & learn to trust
His ways

Read, learn to look
Inside that most
Glorious book,
Scriptures to help you
Your enemies defeat
& at your feet 
No matter what they are
Doubt, fear, persecution
He will destroy
Down they will all lay
& in your time, your day
185,000 warriors
For you, God will slay!