Greenway Spring Flowers


The sun finally came out from behind the grey clouds this morning, and I decided to take the camera out for a few pictures. The wild flowers are just starting to appear in larger numbers. I love to see that although I do not know the types of flowers they are. Some of the small, white daisy-like ones had tinges of a pretty pink to them. There were several large fields full of the white and yellow flowers both. I guess the big question is whether the chiggers and the ticks are out too! Have a blessed day and Praise God!!






Loving Savior
On a throne
Promising me
A forever home
With you

At the end of time
When I see your return
Of obedience by then
For me to learn
will be too late

On that fateful night
Hours before your death
You intertwined within
Your last breath
Love and obedience

For my sake
You stated if I love you
I would obey you
This was done always
To recreate, make me anew

A sign of my love
until Time’s end will be
To follow and obey
You and your Father’s
Words if a final victory
I desire to see

At that last hour
Before your Holy Throne
I will be granted
A new heaven and earth
Eternity will be shown

In a new life, new world
With no pain
But only through
My love for you
And with obedience
May I obtain
The glorious experience
of a walk within your Beauty

Forgivers — Pure Glory


I have found this true in my own life. Forgiving frees you from bitterness and anger which can definitely hold you back from your own inner happiness. Praise God for His love!!

by Apostle Gabriel Cross People who hold grudges, always get held back. But people who forgive, get pushed forward… Selah © Crown of Glory International Ministries. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission, from this blog’s author and/or owner, is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that […]

via Forgivers — Pure Glory

The Trickle Down Effect


The Trickle-Down Effect

Life it seems
Does not flow
From Down
Not of the ground
Life’s love flows from
Up above

It is the
Trickle Down Effect
Giving, leaving us
With no reason to regret
Following its
Lovely siren call

God speaks, I listen
Trying to articulate
A few certain words
An effort to follow
His greatest Passion
For His voice to sweetly
And simply be heard

The deceiver may come
Try To intrude
But let me most assuredly say
Satan’s voice with
Love for man
Is never imbued

So, if from Heaven’s
You hear you name called
Or perhaps whispered,
Listen close with both ears
His voice will always save
From many of life’s falls

Fiery Steeds



Fiery Steeds

Fiery steeds
Hard hooves thundering
Through the ethers of
the unknown infinities of
Dark skies surrounding
Our small home

They neigh, shake their
Impatient to be about
Their task, this
Mission, assignment
Falling to them
Through the fingers
Of power

With a blazing inferno
For each wing
Aroused by your passions
They fly, soaring toward
Your recreations
Tearing through the darkness
On burning winds

With each movement
Winds roar
Stirred by their powerful
Planets, stars, galactic bodies
Whirl, spin out of control
As they pass

The old is burnt up
Passed away
Seen no more
For one brief moment
Heaven’s business stops
Silence reigns
You pause

One shining crystal tear
rolls down your cheek
falling into the now empty
it hardens, becomes solid
icy at first, soon it

forms a rounded ball
your new earth now
sits solidified in the place
you have just chosen
to begin afresh

placing your obedient
on the face of their
new home
they rejoice, singing with
shouts of Joy!

The old order is out
The New is In!
No more death, pain,
No more evil!
Satan is gone, defeated

Praise God for His Love
Rejoice in your New Place
An earth recreated in
Fresh newness!

But do not forget the
Heed the heated winds
of destruction
surrounding the arrival
of God’s fiery steeds.





Darkness follows
Behind his back
His every step
Reeks of pain

Vapors of
Waves of chaos
Fluctuate in his wake

SATAN is his
Death not life
Is the game
He plays with us.

Deceit and Delusion
His greatest weapons
To delude you into
Thinking he does
Not now or ever have

Nor demons nor
Nor angels, nor
Not Christ or
God Himself

Do not allow him
To wrap
His dark fingers
Around your

If he tries, unwrap
With the truth and
Power of
The Only Name

of JESUS of
Born of a human
Virgin but
Not of a man

a SAVIOR on a
whose perfect love,
life and death
saved you

from the deceiver,
liar, murderer
He does not wish
To you to give
A small bruise
But to rip, tear
You, your dear ones,
To shreds

Only the sweet name
Of Christ
Will save from the
Death the
Deceiver brings

So, do not follow
Let him drag
With him
Into the fiery,
Burning lake of
From which
there will be
No Return





Battle trumpets blare
Blasting out the warning
He is coming, He is coming
The LORD is here,
HE is here!

His world obeys his call
Rejoicing in his presence
Trees sing, the lion pauses
In his hunt
Rocks leap from the ground
In joy!

Mighty angels
Fall to earth
Shaking the ground
at each step
GOD has arrived
Our Warrior is here!

The ancient enemy
Of man
Will be defeated for
All infinity!

The battle rages on
And on
It still rages even
Will you not join
God’s army?

Abounding in love,
Mercy, forgiveness
Protects even today!

Do not sway,
Do not fear
GOD is
Always near
Closer than any brother.

Strange it may seem
That it may be
Possible to fight and
Enter GOD’s rest
As you struggle.

HE will always be
At your side
To teach, encourage
And guide
Never leaving all HE

And he passed in front of Moses, proclaiming, “The LORD, the LORD, the compassionate and gracious God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness, 7maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children and their children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation.”

Somewhere We All Know



Somewhere We All Know

Somewhere we all know
Within our hearts
That more glorious here below
Than His infinity’s power
Is the love God forever shows
To each speck, iota of life
In His creation

So, do not be afraid
Of one so powerful
That my mere words
On an empty page
Cannot explain
His Glory

Or love so unending
Infinite, unyielding
I continue to ask
Why this empowered,
Noble King
Stays faithful

To us, when we
Are unfaithful
Spit in His face
Tell him He does not
Accept the blessings
Without blessing
The Great Blessor.

So do not turn away
While it is still your Today
And you may receive
His Grace and mercy
Do not let judgment
Come and find you
Not ready.