outside the church

Outside the Church

Four walls can a prison make
But prison bars confine
Limit access, restrict body & the mind
However, access to the Sublime
Was never meant to be denied
To anyone

Christ, God, Holy Spirit
Do not just exist, live
In a building one day a week
His name, face, presence
Everywhere we may seek

So His name do not speak
Only in a building
Say it out loud everywhere
Stores, neighbors, from your office chair
Say His name out loud
Be it to one person only
or in a denser crowd

Just say it with great joy
His name is oh so dearly needed
satan’s darkness it has the power to destroy
At one word, CHRIST,
The demons flee,
Fall & tremble on their knees

Carry Him out of that church building
Be His witness, messenger, everywhere
To others His great love, surpassing joy
You will be privileged to share 
Be His hands, His feet, His mouth, His heart
Give to others His glorious, new, fresh start

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Summer Pics

I love the way the water catches the blues of the sky and the yellow and greens of the plants along our greenway walking trail. Today, I got really lucky and caught a female deer drinking at the edge of the river and then some full-grown turkeys in the wild grass. The largest looked like he would make a good Thanksgiving dinner as he was huge, almost as tall as my shoulder. Enjoy the pictures of the wild flowers and have a great day! Praise God for the beauty of His earth.

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To Deny

To Deny

Why do we reject,
The One who loves us
The Most
The Only One in whom
We can truly boast

His beauty, fidelity
Love, forgiveness
The only One with 
The Power to truly

Why does not the whole world
Go climbing over each other
To go running after Him
He only wants to let you win
His Paradise

Lift us out of the
Primordial mud
We seem to ignorantly
Enjoy, desire
He stands pleading with
Open hands
To raise us higher

He only wants to recreate
Himself in us
Teach us how to truly love
Each other
Create anew the spirit
Of sister, brothers

So to each soul on the face
Of this planet
To each may it be 
Forever granted
A New World
New Life
New way of being
More Loving 

Gone forever would be 
of the old anger, hatred the last traces
So what is so terrible or horrible
About this new complete re-creation
That From Him we turn our faces?

He only wants us to love & respect Himself and each other!

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Let me be your temple,
Let me be your temple
Your dwelling place
Come fill the space
Inside my heart
That Mercy Seat,
Between cherubim wings
Meant just for you

Come let me live
In your presence
Bring your shekinah glory
Your very Essence
So I no longer feel
That lack,
That emptiness
Of the soul

Let your Spirit
So again I may
Of your Glory,
Your Power,
Majesty & 
Unending Love

Control me
Take me over
So it is no longer
I that liveth
But you that liveth
In me
Praise you God
For your Mercy!



There is only one
Owner of this world
Accident or chance
Alone did not hurl
Our planet home into

There is a someone
Who decided it to create
Not a natural process
Of chemicals
Life’s requirements 
Will ever satiate

A perfect balance
Was what a universe needs
To form, to cause to be
And there is only 
One Perfect Being alone
with that ability

Perfect power
Perfect sovereignty
Perfect in wisdom
Perfect in His Love
For us

Everything you see
Or touch
Belongs to Him
And Him alone
To live in conjunction
With Him was 
His forever goal

For all of His creation
On His mind was never
We were made to exist
With Him hand in hand
In perfect peace, harmony
This is His ultimate plan
United forever, God & man,
Giving of His perfection
The Two become One

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