Fall. . . Pretty Pictures!!


Just thought you would like to look at some pretty pictures of the colors of fall. I wrote a poem about Autumn. Here it is.


Autumn does not fall as
Leaves do to the ground.
With finger to lip, a hush,
she simply turns and
Whispers Good-bye.

Wearing her soft slippers
Made of the finest weave
Of a grass still green
but tipped so slightly with her
Warmer yellows,

She slips away, intending to
Leave a place for her fellow,
Frosty as he is, they are still companions
One to the other.

But, oh, while she is here,
Throwing herself upon the summer’s palette
With abandonment, flinging onto everything
Within her reach.

She comes not to wither or destroy
Desiring only to remind that
everything must rest, strength to renew
For another year’s turn at life.

Some quiescent have laid, waiting for
Their mistress to return, to spring to
Their full life again. To each a moment she
Brings, these quiet ones, her children.

So she paints and paints and then paints more
Giving herself away freely, gleefully.
Joyfully she leaves her spirit, touching each
With her warmth and flame

In tones of warm golds, burning within the hottest fires,
Scarlets and oranges, awakening
A glory hidden, unobserved, now freed
Beneath the tearing, removal of
Summer’s cloak and hoods of green.

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