Glory Before Time!

Glory Before Time

Before what we call
Incomprensible to our
Oh so limited minds
Reigned & still does
In Majesty sublime

Holy, Pure,
Perfect ,
Without limit
Oh, Holy Lord
May I never forget it
Hallelu Ya!!
To this One
& His Son
Who lives in
Infinity’s light
Live in my heart
In your full glory
& might!

Praise You, God!

Angel On Your Knees

Angel on Your Knees

Angel, angel
On your knees
Are you always 
And ever seeking
To Please?

From your start,
So close to His heart
This God of ours
Fills up the hours
Of our lives

With Himself
Joy surpassing
Ever glowing
Always showing
Perfection’s glory
On display

And so on this day
We both will stay
In our worship
Of His radiance
Reaching down
To give each
Of even the least
A special glance
Of Himself,
Eternity on display!!!

To DANCE in the RAIN!

I dance in the rain

Under dark, cloudy skies

With arms, hands raised

I offer up my only gift

Of joyful praise

Upward in our God’s name!

Life’s rains on all
Will fall
But that only 
Sends out the call
To love harder
Dance even more
As the painful rains
Around us pour
Our God suffered 
the rains also
To help us grow
In grace, to become
Closer to His face

This loving Christ

On man’s evil cross

Still offered to us

His Glorious & Eternal

Joy-filled Paradise!

On Fire!

On Fire

Burning cross
On a hill
Your voice 
Rings out
To tell us still

Of a Savior’s heart
So full of passion
And fire
Never will Christ stop
Or ever tire

Of pouring His love
Upon this earth
To light His
Glorious fire
Within His church

So his family 
May lead
Darkened hearts
To see
Their Savior
On a burning cross
Seeking to save
All & every of 
The eternally lost.

Great Blues

I was able yesterday to get some fairly decent video footage of some great blue herons that are nesting near our house on the walking trail that goes right by a river. I think it’s amazing that these large magnificent birds would build nests in the middle of a city where they’re so close to people and the noise of traffic, but they did.

Normally, you see them standing alone and solitary at the edge of the creeks and river’s banks looking for small fish which is their primary food source. They are so large, and I did not know they built their nests at the top of very, very tall trees. The nests are large, two to three feet in diameter, and they are sitting on their eggs. I love to watch them take off and land on their nest. Their wing span looks to be about at least three feet wide, maybe more. They are a grey blue in color with an orange colored beak.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the video and have a blessed day. Praise God!

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