Book Review – A Displaced Beauty by Amy Walsh

I got to enjoy giving another review for a book. This one was for Amy Walsh’s book, A MISPLACED BEAUTY. It is a great book for anyone who loves period romances. It takes place in Victorian England, and the author manages to leave you with a good feel for what life was like for the upper class young women of that era. Georgina, the main protagonist, is a young woman living in Victorian London and enjoying the debutante season there. Struggling against her own poor choices and the expectations of her family and the society she lives in, she tries to find marital happiness for herself. What made the book more interesting is that the story is based on the actual diary of a young woman found during the restoration of one of the homes from that time period. The book has a strong Christian theme, and I enjoyed the chapters which brought in two famous ministers from that day, Dwight Moody and Charles Spurgeon. Overall, a clean romance and interesting read. The book is available on

To Deny

To Deny

Why do we reject,
The One who loves us
The Most
The Only One in whom
We can truly boast

His beauty, fidelity
Love, forgiveness
The only One with 
The Power to truly

Why does not the whole world
Go climbing over each other
To go running after Him
He only wants to let you win
His Paradise

Lift us out of the
Primordial mud
We seem to ignorantly
Enjoy, desire
He stands pleading with
Open hands
To raise us higher

He only wants to recreate
Himself in us
Teach us how to truly love
Each other
Create anew the spirit
Of sister, brothers

So to each soul on the face
Of this planet
To each may it be 
Forever granted
A New World
New Life
New way of being
More Loving 

Gone forever would be 
of the old anger, hatred the last traces
So what is so terrible or horrible
About this new complete re-creation
That From Him we turn our faces?

He only wants us to love & respect Himself and each other!

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Let me be your temple,
Let me be your temple
Your dwelling place
Come fill the space
Inside my heart
That Mercy Seat,
Between cherubim wings
Meant just for you

Come let me live
In your presence
Bring your shekinah glory
Your very Essence
So I no longer feel
That lack,
That emptiness
Of the soul

Let your Spirit
So again I may
Of your Glory,
Your Power,
Majesty & 
Unending Love

Control me
Take me over
So it is no longer
I that liveth
But you that liveth
In me
Praise you God
For your Mercy!

The One

The One
(and only)

In the beginning
the One
Created from nothing
All of this something
Father, Spirit & the Son
Worked in perfect harmony
So all of their creation 
Could witness their unity

A part of that One
To earth was sent
With only the best intent
To save a beloved child
From the darkest designs
Of an enemy most vile

In the name of our Christ
Diseases were healed,
Demons were routed
Death was defeated
The Dead were raised
All to the glorious praise
Of His Holy Name

It is today still
That wonderful Name
& thru His gracious Will
In terror all demons run
When the Name is said
Of that precious One,
Jesus of Nazareth

Only the name of 
That precious One
Has ever made all
my own demons run
I spoke it into the dark
Sincerely from my heart
In a heartbeat, they fled
Away from the side of my bed

Man has always been
too weak & on our own
We will never defeat,
Never meant to try
To survive all alone
Under a dark satan’s
Destructive, vicious blows

Only is that One Name
Been made all powerful
To totally destroy
satan’s darkness
So let us in faith joyfully sing
As out loud our praises ring
The name of our Christ,
Our eternity’s King

Summer Morning Prayer

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Our greenway system is so beautiful that in spots it is almost like being in the middle of the Smokey Mountain National Park and Gatlinburg, but you’re still in the middle of a busy and growing city. Enjoy your day!

Dear Lord, I pray these people may come to know your overwhelming and unconditional love for them not just intellectually, in their minds, but in their guts, their hearts, may they feel it. That they will let you become intimate with them, and they can know that you created the earth with such beauty for them to enjoy and take pleasure in out of your great love for them. Amen