Debut Novel When Heaven Sighs

A chilling murder mystery set within the eclectic atmosphere of Nashville, Music City USA. Deceit, brutality and death stalk the sidewalks of Music City USA as heaven and hell clash in a vicious battle for possession of an ancient document.

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On a steamy day in August, a young man dies from the Ebola virus on a Nashville sidewalk. Close to midnight on the same day, a young girl screams as the body of Father Tom McClarin smacks against the hard, cold asphalt in front of the cathedral where he serves. Both men’s destinies have been bound together forever by their mutual belief in this unique scroll.

Faith and courage will be tested as the investigation leads from corruption in the highest levels of the religious community and police department to a powerful mystic cloistered behind the walls of a beautiful monastery near Vienna, Austria.

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Culture, Culture

Culture, Culture

Culture, culture

On the wall

Who after all will be

The Fairest

Among us all?

We fight, grapple

Struggle with each other

For that first spot in line

We might even destroy

A sister or a brother

People stumbling

Thru dark space & a time

Not searching or knowing

What should fill their

Center’s essense

Or even their own minds

Cold world outside

Heated frenzy on the inside

From each burning need so lonely

We watch, buy distractions

From those who only desire

Your money!

If they can divert enough of

Our minds,

The real us,

Our thinking power

For only a few hours

Control for them then will be won

Giving them all they want

Under our earth’s sun.

So, watch the Lords of Culture

Do not dare to give them control

Of your deepest, most important part

Your eternal, living soul!

They are guided by a dark one

satan, I believe he is called

Spoken of in antiquities’ book

Jousted out of heaven

Forever took his eternal fall

Go searching somewhere else

Where God’s perfect light forever

Meets the light of your inner self

Let your Creator/Father God

Woo you back

Where fear and a world’s control

Will never ever dare to trod!

Spider, Spider

Spider, Spider

(Just a bit of whimsey)

Spider, spider

In your glistening web

How do you put

Your children to bed?

Do you attach

Each child with

A sticky thread

Or let them

Hang loose

Hoping they’ll not fall

Upon their wee heads?

As a mother I know

How precious each one

Each tiny, new soul

But a child only so tight

in our hearts can we hold

Alas, we must each one release

And submit to God’s loving control



Naturalism they call it

Morality relative only to

what I think

but Wait –

that changes

each time I blink

A world so cold

Post modernism has told

Us, We, Man, no longer

Have a Soul!

All that exists

Is only what you can see

or touch

All to me is only physicality

So should I run the risk

Of losing all meaning

To all life I see which surrounds

Are We truly simply dust

Made up only of elements

Found within the ground?

There is no right or wrong

Found within nihilism’s siren song

Only a birth & a death

For each of us

Then we will no longer swim

In this life’s stream

We simply cease to be.

How depressing!

I am glad I do not believe

What I am told

By your world

I believe a holiness, a soul

Dwells within

As most ancient civilizations


We are seeds

Of a Holy God much greater!

First Blush

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Today was so beautiful in my part of the world. It was the first real cool day with a breeze blowing. I could not resist a few pictures of our wetland area with the first few blushes of fall’s colors just starting. Hope you enjoy. Praise God for His kindness in making His world so pretty to look at sometimes!

I live in a smaller town where we still have a lovely courthouse square and several older, historic homes still being well-maintained making it pleasant to walk the city’s sidewalks.

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Heaven & hell clash in a vicious battle for possession

of an ancient scroll.

Angels, death & mysticism surround the arrival of

a previously hidden Dead Sea Scroll in Nashville,

Music City USA, as a dedicated homicide detective & a local

pastor struggle to find the murderers of two young men,

a Bible student & a beloved priest, brave enough to

believe in the scroll and its message.