Maybe Your Last Chance

Maybe Your Last Chance

Written within the world’s 
Greatest Book
Are words of Life & Glory
Everyone should take a 
Good hard long look
Read of the complete & 
Honest truth of Man’s story
Words that explain our Existence

But unfortunately
There is a dark side to
All of this light
Because try as hard as 
We can with all of our might
Never can we save ourselves

We are not capable of 
Pulling ourselves out 
Of our depravity
We cannot be our own god
If that is the role you seek
For that designation
We are much, much too weak

It took God’s own act of kindness
To pull us out of all the darkness
From a golden throne of glory
Christ died alone in agony, sweat & blood
To change the outcome of our eternal story

So today while you can take
One more breath
& your heart still beats
Do not let your ancient enemy
Steal, defeat or cheat
You out of your one last chance

While for you it is still Today
Begin a complete fresh new start
This Moment give Him your whole heart
None of us knows how many more 
Of our heart beats are left
Death awaits at every step
& after that,

A Potter’s Clay

A Potter’s Clay

Once soft & compliant
Lying now
Resistant, hard
On a cold, sterile ground
in broken shards
pieces of shattered
clay, damaged jars

Then comes those Potter’s Hands
Warm & ready
Full of good plans
They reach out to lift
And return to brokenness 
The challenging gift
Of to serve a purpose

Adding water to soften
A dried-out skin
Once more He slowly
begins to win
A softened compliance
Using His own Strength & Will
Slowly is He able to fill
Restore to a fresh new life
Each worn out, damaged pot 

From the roughened, sharp edges
He may receive bruises, a few cuts
Lose some drops of blood
But in the midst of His pain
Will come forth a deeper flood
Of love, mercy, compassion
For the brokenness He repairs

So now with newly scarred hands
He removes a crusty dirt’s thick layers
Revealing at last a clean new creation
Returning to it an original beauty
& of its dark uselessness, an ablation!

Never Going

Never Going 

Never is
A powerful word
As a circle
Always there
Like infinity’s 
Eternity’s face

Today I think
It is so sad
So very sad
Most people
Do not know 
The facts of life
That will make them
The most glad

The happiest 
For any creature
Living in this,
Most beloved 
Of God’s Creation,
Who & what you are.

And so they live
Not looking up
At their home
Instead, they roam
Missing the blessings
Falling out of an
Overflowing cup

Held in God’s
Gracious hand
Flowing with things
Meant only for 
His man
To bear his image
His likeness
As only we can

We, humans, are 
After all
Made of the 
Same eternal spirit
Have a powerful call
On each of our lives
To bond, relate
In intimacy with
His eternal face

Each of us,
On the face of this planet
Is an eternal living soul
Even after you desist,
No longer live
In this most frail,
Human shell

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In This Struggle

In This Struggle

Life comes at us
So much to do
This struggle to survive

And so out I cry
And there you are
Right in my face
Of peace, tranquility
The purest taste

So again & again
My hands I raise
For help
And there ceaselessly
Are You
The I AM
Of all I AM’S

So as I struggle
Even in this foreign land
I am not alone
Even when life turns
To the coldest of stones
God ALWAYS loves,
Cares, is willing to share
Desiring to be known
Even though we may be prone
To run away.

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The I Am

The I Am

Eternity’s All-Consuming, 
Roaring Fire
Radiant Glory
Truest Beauty on display
From one glance
My heart breaks
I weep

Created to carry 
Your Image
I became corrupted

But that was not
The end of the story
You decided
Sacrificed your throne
A crown

Without a sound
Laid down
I raised my hand
And struck
Your love absorbed
My cruelty’s darkness
Killed yourself
To stop my pain

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Bit of Whimsy – Fall’s Allergies

KODAK Digital Still Camera
Golden Rod

Wicked, wicked
Golden Rod
Without hardly even one single nod
Your pollen’s unceasing furies
Are unleashed
With only one breath
My eyes begin to weep,
Of course, also the drippy nose
I feel I sneeze 
From my head to my toes

So, even though I am enchanted
By your deceitful beauty's glances
Within the earth so deeply planted
Too close I dare not ever linger
As you are for me the bringer
Of each breath’s struggle
And cause me to curse all the troubles
your fall beauties scatter broadly in the air!