Did you realize that when you become a follower of Jesus Christ you literally become a new creation. He looks at you as if your old corrupted nature is dead!! Paul said we are buried in baptism and anything that gets buried is dead so we are rebirthed, reborn a new creature. Satan has no power of us anymore. The name of Jesus and the presence in inside of you is who you are now. Sure we may stumble and fall and mess up, sin, again, but that is no longer our identify. We get up and carry forward as our new self, a child of the Living God!! Praise God!!

Christ determines your destiny and that is heaven itself. He died so we can have an eternity of bliss and ecstasy living with Him and His Holy Father and Holy Spirit. It is not I that liveth but Christ that liveth in me. Bible-Verses-On-Love-Galatians-2-20-21-Trees-HD-WallpaperChoose Life, and it will choose you!!

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