Not I,
I say
Rue the day
I bend my knee

To anyone
Or any god
Yet this is
For sure
What some have done

My house, my car
Oh, don’t forget my boat
My money, my wealth
But I mustn’t overly gloat

I stand complete
In and of myself
Isn’t this self-indulgence
Why most attempt to
accumulate great wealth?

The self, myself, yourself
I repeat I will bend the knee
To no one but myself
I wish to run my own life
But could that be
the why
For so much strife?

We all want the same
What each myself desires
But could this self-seeking
Be what Seems
to light the fires

Of so much pain
Each wanting to be
His own god
Live life his own way
With no one greater than man
To have the final say

What can be the answer
To save a world so lost
In pleasure seeking pain
which refuses at any cost
To seek God’s Face

Mercy, love and Grace
His plan was perfect
Until we rebelled
So up until now
Nothing seems to quell

The pain of our endless
Rebellious seeking
for our own way
So we spin and spin
On a world
Where perfect love,
joy are no longer
Allowed to sing

Of His Name, His Power
His perfect plan
All meant to give a
Forever Paradise
To his creation of man

God’s wisdom knows the way
For us to live,
But the price exacted
for true satisfaction
will always be
and forever involve
bending the knee


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