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 Scraping the sky
 Virtually canyon
 Of concrete, steel
 Glass, stone
 I look up to feel
 Microscopic beside
 Cold, impersonal
 Where is the soul
 Not within a shard
 Of them
 We have lost our 
 Giving sway
 To concrete
 Looking into the sky
 I cannot help but
 This world, culture
 Has denied
 The one who made
 Loves us, cares for
 A holy, magnificent
 So we would not 
 be lost
 Daily, over our heads
 He pleads, begs
 Me, I, you & you
 & you
 But our hearts
 Lay hardened
 The One who
 Loves the most
 Father, Son &
 Holy Ghost
 Our souls lay hard, buried
 Within, beneath the concrete

Me on a Cross

 Me on A Cross?
 I see a lifeless form
 On a wooden beam
 It groans
 Mouthing a bloody foam
 Another useless dream
 Or message to be seen?
 Maybe both
 Dream and message
 It raises its head
 Showing sweat &
 Tears it has shed
 Staring into the sky
 It carries the face of I!
 It is me,
 Me on that cross
 I am where we all
 Surely would be
 If not for the other face
 That took my place,
 Jesus of Nazareth! 
 Sinner, rebel, 
 Against a one true
 God & Father
 I deserved that cross
 Perhaps in celestial eyes
 Only another piece 
 of human dross.
 In pain,
 As I cursed His name
 Jesus, son of God
 Tore my flesh from
 The nails
 Put himself there
 To complete Heaven’s
 Most loving job
 Christ took my place
 That place which belongs
 To each & all
 Wicked rebellors
 Against our Father
 Now we sing a new song
 Of Christ’s love
 God’s forgiveness,
 From a worn-out
 Worldly kingdom
 Captives to sin
 Set free by his death
 Breathed upon by a fresh breath
 Of life’s new resurrection!






Each has that need

Babies come into

The world with it

For Love


So we try to fit


Another smile to win


Someone else


True we were made

To be together

Be each other’s sister

Or brother

No one wants to stand



But unaware

We follow sometimes

The wrong direction

Follow behind that

Very long, wrong line


Yet a voice

From deep within

Speaks, calls, to follow


To follow Him


Christ will not lead

You astray

He leads toward

Life, the light

Never the wrong way


So stand out

Be different

Follow the right voice

You cannot avoid it

For simply in not choosing

You have made your choice


Holy Santa?



Holy Santa?


Warm, fuzzy & cuddly

Nothing wrong with that


Depends upon who you’re

Talking about


Older man in a bright red suit

Well-endowed middle

And a long white beard

You know of whom I speak

Without having to take one peek


Gift giver

Jingle bells

I don’t have to tell

Except I will,



Jolly and fun

Face beaming like

The sun

Man’s perfect idea

For a god


Except Santa

Is not real

I hate to burst your bubble

But I feel

You already know!


Only God is God

Good giver of gifts

But He wants to lift

Your life higher


Wants more for you

Than material wealth

Or to give only toys

Desires for man

A truer, higher joy


Purer, less selfish life

Fashioned along the lines

Of His Own Mind

Pertinent to any time

You may live within


So, God is

Warm, fuzzy & cuddly

All of that


Let’s not fashion Him

From a legend or fable

HE SAYS He is able

Powerful, capable

Of so much more!








Day & Night


Day & Night

Our world exists

2 sides to the coin

One side lives in light, sun

As the other slumbers

In darkness


So it will be when

Our King returns

For that holy day

All who love him

Should deeply yearn


Some will be given the

Joy of light forever

Others in dark pain will

Be in weeping, wailing

Gnashing of teeth

As they run for cover


Where the worms

Never die

Fire is never quenched

Words from a book

That never lies


Before it is too late

As Christ flings open

Heaven’s gates

Stands and knocks


Let Him in

Replace your sin

With obedience

Join in the frolicking

As you receive

Your first glance

Of His great and

Mighty return


Mark 9:48 where the worms that eat them do not die and the fire is not quenched. NIV

Matthew 13:50 and throw them into the blazing furnace; where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. NIV


Malachi 4:2 But for you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves. NIV

Small Sparks


Small Sparks

Small sparks

May burn large forests

Trees, bushes inhabitants


So do not listen to a

Lost world’s siren call


To not burn as brightly

As you can

You just may be

that Spark that fills your land


With the burning passion

Of a risen Lord/King

Inspires his family/church

To spread their wings



‘Awake O sleeper

Rise from the dead

And Christ will shine

On you.’1


He longs to pour over all

His lovely Spirit’s call

To inspire each and everyone

to become a mirrored image of

His Most Perfect Son!


So, if you believe in a

Risen king

Then you carry His power

All His life-giving songs

Are entrusted to sing


His words, thoughts,


Await for all

Each to inspire and lift

His body, his church


To a much greater good

Be more than before

Change His world!

Shake His Church!

Be his righteous servants

As indeed we all should.


1Ephesians 5:14 Wake up, sleeper

                           Rise from the dead

                           And Christ will shine on you.








Rushing here

Rushing there

People pushing

Looking, searching



We have stress

I understand the tests

We go through everyday

But for a moment

Could we not just stay?


To let go

Of the constant

Looking for the


We don’t even know


Why or what we

Look for

This constant rushing

Will rob you of

All your joy


I cannot stop

You say

Because if I do


I will feel the pain


The separation I feel

The need

The hole in my middle

Which continues to bleed


We have separated

From the source of life

A living, breathing

God/Creator/Loving Father

He does not wish for us

This terrible, horrible strife


We put ourselves thru

Each day we begin anew

With the rushing,

Accumulating of more

More useless things

Less joy


So, seek your God

Let go of seeking

Useless idols

Let life be in the being

With, in the presence of

the One who

Can fill the emptiness

And lay your pain to rest


John 14:27 My peace I give to you, my peace I leave you. I do not give to you as the world gives. So do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

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Prince of this world


Father of all lies


A roaring lion

Looking for someone

To devour


Do not let him

Have you

This deluder


He will flee


At the name of

The only One

Jesus Christ

the Lord

darkness flees

before Him


so, do not let

the dark one

use his greatest


for you not

to believe

he exists