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floats in the air
spewed forth from
violent mouths

Swirls around my
Attempts to invade
my dreams
as I lay on my bed!

Media mouths belch
forth refuse
it is a form of abuse
to grab our attention
to hold our senses
in detention
Done simply for a paycheck
their money!

Leaders stand
before your eyes
and outright lie
Be careful what you
allow into your mind
Do not let filth
or garbage
waste your precious time!

There is a holy truth
spoken by a Living
Righteous God
to us He is most willing
to give His true Life
So be most careful
at all times
What you feed into
your minds!

Heaven –not a Location

Heaven – Not a Location
(A Someone)

Written in holy lines
Inside an ancient guide
Are words that tell,
Almost sigh
Of another place

For all who follow Christ
We are most assuredly promised
Of this certain reward

For after death
All will exist on a different
To our carnal senses, I know,
It seems most
But it is genuine

However, consider
If not for the presence of
Our Creator/Lord
Heaven would be just
Another place of pain, struggle
Not as is written, 
Our great Reward

To me, heaven is not
A location
Is the kingdom of heaven
The pearl of great value
So when Christ said
The kingdom of heaven is
At hand or
In your midst
He meant: ‘Here I AM
Heaven walking among you’!!


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He Will Honor Your Choice

He Will Honor Your Choice

In life we are all
Faced with choices
Good or bad
There are at all times
many voices
Whispering some
Others screaming
For your attention

With the great gift
Of free will
We are allowed to choose
But for a moment 
Be still
About what you choose
What you accept or refuse

God holds out Himself
& eternal pleasures at
His right hand
Never ever will He force
On any man

He wants to be chosen
Desires your love
& love is a choice
So never will He force
Himself on you
So if Him & His love
Are what you refuse
He will honor that choice too

He desires your company
But He will let you go
If you turn your head
And tell him to return
He will honor that choice

But He is the Lord & Master
Owner, Ruler of this world
And the heavens
So if it is what you choose
He will put you away 
From Himself
Give you eternity, infinity
Of His absence

He will let you have the 
Outer darkness
Of weeping, wailing
Gnashing of teeth
Never to be ceased
Worms that never die
Fires never quenched
And a total void of love!



If a child is about 
To place a hand
In the fire
Will you not slap
It away
Talk to it
At least ‘No’
attempt to say

With those who ignore God
Isn’t it about the same
Ignoring the only name
That saves
From an even
Greater fire?

Of eternity’s loss
An even greater cost
Will be extracted
Than one burnt hand
They will spend infinity
In a far worse land
Desolate, dark, wretched
Bleak, gloomy
Colorless beyond all words

No second chances will 
Be given after death
None will be left
So shouldn’t there be
A greater sense of
Not just for ourselves

But for every human
On the face of this planet
Only this one chance at
Life is granted
We belong to God, Christ
By them we are owned
So let us never grow
Too Apathetic
So we will never have to moan
‘If only’

Our Job

Our Job

If we people who say
We believe Jesus Christ
is Lord, Savior & God
We truly, truly believe
He is truth, life & the way
Then isn’t it our daily job
To say so

Out loud
Not just in a church building
Where we feel safe
But out in a dangerous world
Where we could face
Ridicule, embarrassment 
Maybe even death

Or perhaps alone to be left
With no one, rejected, 
Unloved, a most severe test
Of our loyalty
But this is what He said
To do
If each soul down here is
To have a chance to be

We are to be His hands, feet
Face & voice
His Messengers
This can be a most difficult
For anyone, a sacrifice to make
This suffering we must take
If we truly, truly love Him

For without a sacrifice, there is no love!
So do not tell Jesus you love Him if
You are unwilling to sacrifice to stay loyal to Him

If you deny me before men, I will deny you before the Father! Matthew 10:33

When Was the Last Time?

When is the Last Time

On Sunday mornings
People walk thru doors
Take a seat 
Hoping I suppose
To be reached
Or hear someone teach

The Good News
What is that you say,
That Jesus loves you?
For that is the truth
To be sure
He is the absolute cure
For all the world’s 
Deepest problems

But when is the last time
You really looked at 
Your God
Only an hour or more
On a Sunday morning
In a building
Does not really accomplish
the chore
Of getting to know 
Your one & only God

Spend time with Him
In His intended Word
You will not be disappointed
Step outside at night
Away from city’s lights
Peruse the darkened skies
And see God’s glory

Billions, even trillions
Of uncountable stars
Scream out His Name
It’s been the same,
All nature tells of his
Within this & every hour
Of this planet’s existence

So take the time
To get to know Him
He is waiting, knocking even
To share all of His great
With Just You!

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