Been to Hell

 Been To Hell
 I have been to hell
 & I can truly tell
 You do not want to go there
 I have known
 No words can express
 Such a horror
 In my life, it was the
 Most severe of tests
 At such a fresh, young age
 Life at its very start
 No joy, light or hope
 Was there to fill
 My very frightened heart
 Known have I a complete
 Vacuum of love
 Dark void, satan’s hate
 Empty was the space upon
 My very first plate
 Until I was allowed
 To look up
 A light began to stir
 From a place above, afar
 Beautiful, unknown before
 Glistening, a hopeful star
 All I had to do was try
 & reach
 You did the rest
 & came to teach,
 Love, fill
 For You had a deep darkness
 To kill
 & You did, Lord Jesus
 You Did!!
 Praise You, Lord Jesus
 Praise You, Lord God
 Praise You, Holy Spirit

God has the power to raise you above any circumstance in your life but you must receive it, let Him fill you with Himself. You must let go of yourself and this world. He loves you passionately, profoundly and completely. Praise God!!!

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