To Deny

To Deny

Why do we reject,
The One who loves us
The Most
The Only One in whom
We can truly boast

His beauty, fidelity
Love, forgiveness
The only One with 
The Power to truly

Why does not the whole world
Go climbing over each other
To go running after Him
He only wants to let you win
His Paradise

Lift us out of the
Primordial mud
We seem to ignorantly
Enjoy, desire
He stands pleading with
Open hands
To raise us higher

He only wants to recreate
Himself in us
Teach us how to truly love
Each other
Create anew the spirit
Of sister, brothers

So to each soul on the face
Of this planet
To each may it be 
Forever granted
A New World
New Life
New way of being
More Loving 

Gone forever would be 
of the old anger, hatred the last traces
So what is so terrible or horrible
About this new complete re-creation
That From Him we turn our faces?

He only wants us to love & respect Himself and each other!

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