Our All in All!

holy-spirit-2Christ is our Rock and only Savior. He is the love and joy that everyone longs for and that can be found nowhere else. Praise God for his goodness in sending Christ our way. The Holy Spirit is the guide we need and the only one we truly have to get us back into the relationship we were always meant to have with our Creator Lord. Praise God for sending us His Spirit to meet our needs.

In order to know a full, right relationship with God and Christ, we have to let the Holy Spirit have full control of us so that it is not I that liveth  but Christ that liveth in me. The apostle Paul was right. All he did was done through the power of the Holy Spirit. No man could have endured all the hardships he went through without the help of God. I can do all things through Christ(and his Spirit) who strengths me.

I agree with Billy Graham(written in one of his books about the Holy Spirit) and Watchman Nee in his writings. Until you crucify your old man, kill your old nature and self, on that cross of Christ, no human will get to know the full power of the living Spirit of God. We will never do that perfectly, but we should struggle every day to let the Holy Spirit live inside of us.

The cross was meant to give us a second chance at life, to right a relationship gone wrong when in that Garden of Eden we spit in God’s face and said, No, I want to do it my way and rebelled against our gracious, loving Creator. We have to give His Spirit control of our lives as best we can.

Christ through His Spirit can give us more joy, peace and love than anything down here.  There is no amount of money, power, ego, material possessions or sex that satisfies the way He does. It is the truth, not a spiritual myth or something that will happen only after you die. It can be for you, right now, today.

It does not necessarily mean he will change your circumstances, only that He can give you the joy of His presence in the middle of this garbage this world can throw at you. Won’t you turn to Him today before today no longer exists? He loves you more than you can even begin to imagine.jesusgirl


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