Reality — The Salt and the Light


Today in church, I heard a pastor pouring out his heart and spirit into a message about the Holy Spirit. I honestly felt sorry for him. You could tell he was very earnest about what he was saying, and sadly seeming to get very little response from the audience. Today’s pastors have a hard job so if you have a scripturally correct and Spirit filled one, we should give them our support and enthusiasm.

Today’s church especially in America is under a full attack from the secular culture around us. We get so caught up in the physical level of existence that we do not embrace the spiritual that as a church we should reach for. American Christians get so bombarded almost every minute of the day by advertising, the media such as television, magazines, radio and movies.

As American Christians we need to embrace totally the power of the Holy Spirit as God intended for us. To put Christ, God and His Spirit first in our lives every day, all day long, not just on a Sunday morning. We have to live in the world but were never meant to live as it lives or be a part of it the way non-believers do. We have to turn our backs on that way of life and be Christian first above everything.

Christ came to give us life abundantly and all of God’s spiritual blessings He means to lavish on us as spoken about in the first book of Ephesians.

It is a struggle to live in our culture and still try to embrace Christ fully the way we were intended to. Pray earnestly for His help. When you seek me with all your heart, you will find me. He wants to be found. Won’t you search today and find the joy and treasure that the love and presence of Christ can be in your personal life.jesus#2

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