Early this morning, Christmas morning, I had an impression. In it, it was like I could sense God overhead and below him closer to the ground was an almost shapeless, glistening object.  I sensed it represented a human soul.

I sensed He was showing me why he places so much value on each person. We are made of the same basic material as the living God, pure spirit. The real us is a spirit created in the image of God, eternal, never going to cease to exist. Our intellect, our emotions and our will are the real us. For everyone, our physical shells will die and cease to function, but not our eternal souls.

I think the message was this is why He places so high a value on us, higher than I can understand. I needed this message maybe more than anyone. The beggar on the street means as much to God as the President of the United States. May God bless your day!!

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