Happy New Year!!!




I hope and pray this year has started off fairly well for everyone or if it has not that things will get better for you as it goes along.  Mine started off with some sickness but I’m slowly getting better. At my age, it takes a little longer for me to get over things, but God is good, and He helps me with everything!

I had another dream a few nights ago. When God gives me these dreams, they are always like ultra high definition TV except even more intense in detail and color. They’re always so beautiful.

In it, I could see a treasure chest sitting on a floor in front of a curtain which was glowing with this beautiful, thick, warm golden light. The chest was encrusted with gold and layers of different kinds of glistening jewels. I’m not sure what He was trying to tell me except that if you are a believer in Him you are like a unique, beautiful treasure chest to Him full of His treasures to you. You are rare and valuable to Him.

So maybe this year as believers we are supposed to get out and share our gifts with this very needy world. Let God fill you with Himself and share His treasures with the world!!


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