Lost Leaves




Lost Leaves

Lost leaves
Loose, blown around
By swirling,
changing winds
Looking for an anchor
to the ground

Falling victims
To anyone who
Kicks a foot their way
Shuffles through
Their midst
Helpless, they give sway

No one dares or cares
To stop their helplessness
Bothers to come by
Hear their weary sighs
Or give to them a much
Long-needed rest

Until one day, a Prince
Arrives, sees their
Plight lying at his feet
Bothers to bend
notice, selects a few
With a hand does reach

Gathers to himself
Only a few
Loving, seeing
Wanting to renew
A world and them
To Begin their life anew

He sighs, they dance
Upon his living breath
Laughing in joy
They swirl, return
To ground and lift
The others up from death
Found from lying
Down below
On a ground so cold
And lifeless
An enemy has left in
Dark confusion and a guess

But now, they
And have been shown
A better place and
Forever home
Within a Prince’s holy glow

He will save you too
A new life give to you
In Holy glory He
Truly eternally lives
Burning Bright radiance,
Fiery love upon His face

A forever home
He will be
for all lost leaves
Lying on wet cold ground
And still not found
In Joy He weeps
To think at last
He’ll be able to keep
Them home and
Safe within His Grace


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