3 Somebodies!


 3 Somebodies
 Three on a throne
 Living as one
 Universe awash in
 Their love
 Throbbing, pulsating
 In beauty
 Breathing as one
 More life-giving
 Than any sun
 A Father, Son &
 Holy Spirit
 Above this world
 They reach to lift, 
 This is their unique gift
 For each of us
 So we are blessed
 During the tests
 Of these our lives
 To be not loved 
 By just one
 3 hands reach down
 toward the violent sounds
 of our discord and ugly abuse
 of each other
 3 somebodies
 To conquer this world
 Help us transcend
 Into their joy & a
 Love which never 
 Ever ends!!

I pray everyone can have a very God blessed day today. Praise God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. You are completely and 100% loved.


 People speak of wanting
 Purpose to fill their time
 Frame of mind
 Purpose as written
 Within the lines
 Of a dictionary means
 An act with an intention
 Or determination
 Another word, purposeful,
 means to be meaningful
 To move toward one’s goal
 God, before all time or even
 Before we were created,
 Set for us a goal
 Determined by just himself
 If all truth be told
 A relational God set
 The goal
 For us & Him
 An intimacy so close
 Relationship with Him
 We were meant to be
 His friend
 What more could a man
 For a purpose
 Than to be given 
 The task 
 Of being our great
 God’s friend!
 Yet Created to follow,
 Will take you as you are
 Dare I say, to be a part
 of his entourage,
 Holiness, set apart
 Remembering the precepts of
 His great Heart
 So, follow your Living God
 Even if the whole world
 upon you trods
 Fulfill your purpose
 Of which a Holy book tells
 & follow the path of Christ
 Even if it leads thru hell.

Orange Tresses

KODAK Digital Still Camera
 Orange Tresses
 Orange tresses in the air
 I cannot help but
 Stop and stare
 God’s pure glory on
 Lightens my load
 And brightens my day! 

I couldn’t help but take this photo of our neighbor’s beautiful maple tree. We still have a few trees full of colored leaves. Praise God for the beauty He creates!

Night’s Dreams

 Night’s Dreams
 I’ve got to go to bed
 I’ve got to go to bed
 In the darkness
 I know I’m clearer
 It feels the best time 
 I can get into my head,
 Dreams cannot come
 into the busy dayness
 of a hurried world
 This night time’s
 Darkness is when
 You chose to drop
 Your wisest pearls
 And so I write
 In this middle of the night
 (I do not know why)
 Seems to bring forth,
 Out of dark obscurity
 Your heaven’s brightest lights
 Exhausted I fall back
 I am so very tired
 Yet feeling grateful
 To dream,
 Have my soul
 Thus inspired
 Beneath your loving hand! 

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The Pocket of Your Heart


 Pocket in Your Heart
 Place me in a pocket
 In your heart
 Where I was meant to be
 From the very start
 Though fear, shame
 Made me feel 
 I did not belong
 satan’s lie in that
 you’ve shown
 The great chambers
 And their walls
 Within the center of 
 Your being
 Pulsate with the call
 Return to me
 & I will return to you
 Your Spirit cries
 Cannot deny 
 The love throbbing
 Within your voice
 The greatest love
 Man will ever know
 Swirling, twirling
 thru dark ethers
 of a universe
 Ends at earth
 Within a holy glow 
 We were created 
 To live close
 So close
 To dance within the
 Vapors of God's breath
 Never meant for us
 To be apart
 Or ever face a death
 But until that death
 Or your return
 I will willingly bend
 my knee and 
 just wait
 No more your love to spurn! 

Just Pretend

Photo by Alem Su00e1nchez on Pexels.com

 Just Pretend
 Close your eyes
 & just pretend
 Pretend there is 
 No death
 No Physical end
 To life as it is
 No purpose 
 For anything
 All is just about
 What you can see
 & touch for now
 No hope
 If you can believe
 Then your enemy
 Has accomplished
 His goal
 to cover your eyes
 with his deceit
 he can even persuade
 You to believe
 Or feel that even he
 Does not exist
 There is no great evil
 In this world
 We are okay
 As we are
 If this had been
 The truth
 There would have
 Been no use 
 Or need
 For a man to die
 On a cross
 Heaven sent
 Puts a different bent
 On our ages old story
 To believe in a glory
 Temporarily unseen
 By human eyes
 Someday will rip
 Open the skies
 Return in full power
 Unknown may be 
 The day or hour
 But Christ’s words
 Promise it clearly
 & for sure!

Still Walk


 Still Walk
 Still, quiet, slow
 Taking each step
 One at a time
 A spirit moves
 Follows behind
 Placing each foot
 Upon this dusty earth
 Peace, stillness
 Both given new birth
 They are brought to life
 Each footstep He takes
 Will never be erased
 Even in the midst
 Of life’s harshly blowing sands
 His presence, Himself
 This Creator Christ
 Walking still among us
 Leaving footprints
 To follow if you will look
 to truly see and trust
 So, risk the walk, begin
 Put your foot inside
 His footsteps left behind 
 He leaves those promises
 Of His Peace to reassure
 Those who will struggle 
 Stay faithful, pure
 Unto the very end!
 Peace I leave you. My peace I give to you. I do not give as the world gives. Do not be afraid
 and do not let your hearts be troubled. John 14:27  

Lamb on A Cross

Photo by Paul Seling on Pexels.com
Photo by Kat Jayne on Pexels.com
 Lamb on a Cross
 Meat, red, raw
 Trembling &
 Unprotected by
 Or anything
 The man groans
 A lamb on a cross
 Red meat exposed
 To air
 & no one there
 To seem to care!
 Bood gushes
 Red & also raw
 As demons dance
 On the dark ground
 Underneath the sounds
 Of his groans
 They squeal, scream
 With delight
 The light has been
 In the sight
 Of the whole world!
 Or so they think
 But this cup He 
 Must drink
 Only for a few hours
 Will prove to crush, sink
 Hell’s greatest hopes.
 As evil flames lick
 The base of that cross
 The man suspended 
 In air
 No more earthly cares
 Or sighs
 For Him.
 Praise God!!
 The ground trembles
 It quakes
 A massive stone
 Rolls away
 The beginning of this
 New day
 Opens heaven’s gates
 For all seeking a better way!
 Hell has lost
 Christ has won
 Heaven’s purest Son!
 His obedience poured
 Out thru His blood
 Ran to ground
 Our obedience 
 Poured out thru
 our hearts
 A fresh, new start 
 Every morning to 
 Mimic our King
 Be forgiven thru
 The blood of
 A lamb on a cross!!
Photo by Francesco Paggiaro on Pexels.com


Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

 Scraping the sky
 Virtually canyon
 Of concrete, steel
 Glass, stone
 I look up to feel
 Microscopic beside
 Cold, impersonal
 Where is the soul
 Not within a shard
 Of them
 We have lost our 
 Giving sway
 To concrete
 Looking into the sky
 I cannot help but
 This world, culture
 Has denied
 The one who made
 Loves us, cares for
 A holy, magnificent
 So we would not 
 be lost
 Daily, over our heads
 He pleads, begs
 Me, I, you & you
 & you
 But our hearts
 Lay hardened
 The One who
 Loves the most
 Father, Son &
 Holy Ghost
 Our souls lay hard, buried
 Within, beneath the concrete