Beauty Without End!

Beauty Without End

My soul shudders
Of your Beauty, Lord
It cannot comprehend
Of your Glory, Light
Power & Love
There is no end!!

Of your mercy,
Incomprehensible Forgiveness
Of all the dark mess
I have created at times
I do not like to think of those,
Or even bring them to mind
Reign in me, Lord
May I destroy the me within
So your unending Glory
Beauty may live, win
Its eternal way, sway
Over each of 
And all my days!!



Standing at insanity
On the edge of a cliff
What is the cost,
Purpose of this life?

Look down upon this world
Full of pain, chaos, strife
Surely, never were our lives
Meant to taste like this

Our home,
Giant, round, glistening
In deepest, blackness of
Empty space
Listen to the winds of
This universe
As they pass us by
Singing out a name
Let there be no waste
Of its melody

Listen, then give it 
A voice, shout
If you have to
This Power
This Being
The stars, winds sing of
Holds out two hands

In one, life
In the other, death
There is no dearth
Of ones that choose
To live in darkness
Upon the face
Of this earth

So, listen, be obedient
Means to pay attention to
Stand out from the crowd
Don’t be afraid to say
His name
If need be, say it out loud

He is coming back
This living, breathing Christ 
Gives us a choice
So, listen, do not fear
He is always, always close, near
And to Him 
You are the most dear
Of all His wonderful creation!

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Original Purpose

Original Purpose

What seems almost 
Like an eternity ago
Before that moon 
Cast its silver glow
Powerful, in joy
Words were spoken
Out of dark nothingness
A world was begotten

An all-powerful Creator
Because He loved 
The idea of us so much
Reached down and
With a single touch
Started His own universe

With care and a little time
Embarked upon a thought-out plan
Someones in His image made
To share all of their nights & days
In His Joy & Presence

That original purpose, that plan
Was for all of His creation
Sky, earth, animals and man
To share in His Glory
That fantastic, stupendous Beauty

That loves everyone the same
Even enemies get to watch
His magnificent displays
Of love, mercy, justice, kindness
& that miraculous forgiveness

& us?
Well, we were meant to be
For all of His creation to see
Image bearers of the same
His power, light, glory & 
Holy, beautiful, name

But we failed,
Rebelled as the ancient tale
Written in a Holy Book is told
To someone else our souls were sold
And evil entered our lives

Separated, lost

Until we were given

A second chance

But it came at the highest cost


To return us to that 
Original purpose
Shed his blood to return
To us His Glory
So please pick up the Book
And read the most beautiful
Of all earth’s written stories!

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Plagiarizing God

Plagiarizing God
(good or bad?)

Plagiarizing may be
Either good or bad
To copy or imitate
Often is a form 
of highest praise
Means someone sees you
Toward you turns their gaze

Sadly, however, often times
For authority, ownership 
Plagiarizers only come to steal
From the original, what is the real
Of identity, things or power

When we, as man, think or say
We carry the highest dominion
In a vast, still unknown universe
Is not that plagiarizing
Passing ourselves off as 
Someone we are not?
Do we think from the authentic,
Only GOD that is real
We can really steal
His divinity, sovereignty over us?

We tried that in a garden
It did not work
Never will
Even today we try to shirk 
Shun the destructive pain
We have caused 
By trying to deny, steal
God’s power, His Holy Name

We are not our own gods
A universe, this planet 
Even our own bodies
None of this did we create
Nor can we control it
That claim to fame
On our heads
Will never fit

So if you must plagiarize God
Do it the right way
It is okay to copy Him
By letting go of yourself
Over your soul let Him win
Let Him stamp His own image
And pay the right kind of homage
To a stupendous, living, breathing
Magnificent & loving King!

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Only You

Only You

Only you can lift 
Out of the deepest, slimiest
Pit of despair
The broken human soul
Crushed, shattered,
Reeling, staggering
From the effects
The price, the toll
That wretched darkness extracts

Oh, he is good, that
Enemy of mine
Hounding me thru
All of my time
But you sit enthroned
Ensconced in your power
And your name
Destroying his sordid game

That prince of the air
That satan
Breathing his hot breath
In my face
From birth even unto today
But you remove 
Of his evil every trace

Winning me to yourself
My pain you do embrace
My spirit you lift up 
Until I can say
With joy you have filled my cup!

So come, Lord Jesus,
Do it again
As you did back then!!