I’ve just had a stressful two weeks. I was just getting ready to try and distribute my book, WHEN HEAVEN SIGHS, on other sites besides only Amazon when all of a sudden my memory stick just broke. I had everything on it including the book and the sequel to it. It was totally my fault. I take full responsibility for not backing up the two books on any other place so I lost the only digital copy I had of either. (small scream)

Then of all things my computer crashed. I got the BSOD, the blue screen of death. I lost family photos, some digital art work, poems, a lot of stuff. Coincidence or maybe demonic involvement. Don’t know for sure. But anyway, I have finally gotten back up and running with a newer computer and reestablished some app’s. I know it’s not the worst thing that can happen to a person. I have had cancer two times and am so far doing well, but still it was several years worth of work. God has provided again a way through. Hope everyone has a really great day and stay safe!

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