The Pearl

The Pearl

I run in the
Crying, panting
In terror
In the distance
I see the Pearl

Small at first,
Yet shining brightly
I run harder
To escape the darkness 
So frightening
Toward the Pearl

And so, my body I hurl
Faster, faster
Must reach the light 
that large shining orb
a sense of safety
around that Pearl

I run faster, harder
Until I reach its
Resting place
Fall to my knees
And in its white, translucent
Skin I begin to see

A reflection of my own face
Until there seems to
Appear a second trace
Of another face
Someone else beside me
A hand falls upon my shoulder
I tremble
But then become bolder

I turn around to look
The one beside me smiles,
I am the one long ago you forsook
But now with your return
As is written in my Book
All is forgiven
My Blood bought you back
And you have returned 
To Me, Your Savior
And Your Pearl!

Matthew 13: 45-46: Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant looking for fine pearls. When he found one of Great Value, he went away and sold everything he had and bought it.

Core Essence

Core Essence

The warmth starts
Purity enters the room
Your core essence
Enters my heart
Love, joy
Such as I have never known
On this,
Our ball of Rolling Stone

Glistening, sparkling
Literally almost blinding
Filling me full
Imparting an evening’s lull
To all chaos or pain

Is this what it will be like
Or I suspect even better
In your forever’s paradise?
To let loose, unshackle the fetters
Of all of earth’s dark chaos?

Then come Lord God
Come now!
I lift a holy shout
Pour out your Spirit
On any & all who try to crowd
Around your feet
Attempting obedience to keep

Protect & bless
But give us strength to
Stand all horrific tests
Of the gift, this precious faith,
So freely & willingly You give!

God will come as close and be as personal with you as you will allow. Take time to enjoy His company!

Victory Shout

Victory Shout

Come, Lord Jesus, Come
Heaven’s Reigning,
Ruling Son!
Give me no more 
Mournful chants
Give me instead
Your Victory Shout

satan’s hell thought it had won
As it watched the
Darkening of the sun
On a day it had plotted
To crucify God’s Son
With itself was so besotted
Sounded its own victory shout

You took one deep breath
Your glory returned
A dead, fleshly body
Once again moved
A stone was rolled
The grave emptied
As you stepped back out
Into the light of day
Your hands raised and gave 
Your Victory’s Shout!

Yes, Lord Jesus, Yes
Praise you Lord Jesus
Praise You!!

On the Back Burner

On The Back Burner

Life can feel like a hot kitchen
All the stove’s burners going
At full blast
Oh, how long must this heat
& all the turmoil last?
Juggling so many pots
At any or every cost,
Don’t let any boil over
Or all may be lost!

So we attend to what appears
To be the most important
God understands
We have demands
That every day we must meet
All those physical needs

But do not place Him
On that back burner
To avoid meeting with Him
Only He can promise success, 
Control over the other
Pots you might come to win

Put God first
And other things will
Come to fall in line
With due diligence & time
Life can be sweet
But only if you keep
Only GOD 
On that front burner!

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Do Not Worry, Do Not Fret

Do Not Fret, Do Not Worry

There is no need to worry
God is still upon His throne
Surrounded by His endless glory
Resolved still to bring us home
Despite satan’s same sad,
Old & darkened story

Full of lies, murder, deceit
satan loses
For in the end,
God always wins
There is no way 
To stop Him
So do not try
It will only leave your heart
With a very heavy sigh
Of loss

satan knows getting closer
Is his eternity of defeat
That is why his cruel fury
Even greater has he unleashed
Upon our sad & lonely world

But if today you chose
This Living, Christ
Then not one single day of
Your tomorrows will you lose
In God’s Glories-filled Paradise
By His Hands given endless Joys
In the infinity of His Blisses 
To receive His endless kisses!!

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I’ve just had a stressful two weeks. I was just getting ready to try and distribute my book, WHEN HEAVEN SIGHS, on other sites besides only Amazon when all of a sudden my memory stick just broke. I had everything on it including the book and the sequel to it. It was totally my fault. I take full responsibility for not backing up the two books on any other place so I lost the only digital copy I had of either. (small scream)

Then of all things my computer crashed. I got the BSOD, the blue screen of death. I lost family photos, some digital art work, poems, a lot of stuff. Coincidence or maybe demonic involvement. Don’t know for sure. But anyway, I have finally gotten back up and running with a newer computer and reestablished some app’s. I know it’s not the worst thing that can happen to a person. I have had cancer two times and am so far doing well, but still it was several years worth of work. God has provided again a way through. Hope everyone has a really great day and stay safe!