Flitter Away

Flitter Away

To watch
It flitter about
Even it twitters about
Stalls. Crashes.

This waste of precious time
Throwing away of minds
Reaching for the subpar
Mundane, mediocre
(Or less than)
When instead
We could touch the sublime

The mind (&heart) of God
Calls out to us 
Every heartbeat 
Every breath
Every moment a test
Of your reply

Call out to Him
He'll call out even louder
Return to you even more power
To every moment, each hour
Live in the basking
Glow of His face
So we will no longer
Have to trace
That wretched waste
(The flitter away)
Of our precious life's time!!!



Praise even harder
As satan squeezes tighter
For you know 
Jesus is a fighter
Never giving up

satan has no knockout punch
Delivering in just one tremendous blow
Jesus raised a bloodied fist
From that wooden cross
Only one wham
then a bam
Christ just sighed 
then He died
Finally relaxed
Had finished His task
& just went out to lunch!!!



A great army gathers
A trumpet blast will scatter
All tranquility
At its head, Your Holy Son
No enemy carries the ability
From this One to run

Each warrior is armed, braced
Swords, shields in place
Powerful & determined
Your battle plans, Lord Jesus
In Your book so holy
The words clearly do confirm and
Set forth!

So, beloved, while you
Still have a chance
As around this world, your life
You take a glance
Make sure you make the 
Best choice
For to be on the right side
Of the sword
In your now, you must listen
To Christ’s voice!!

A Part Of. . . .

A Part Of

Like I was created to be
A part of your great group
Your Holy Trinity!
A smaller part
As I bend down
Worship at your knees

A gift to be like You 
Should that not
My worldly values askew?
A world out of balance
So out of its mind
Tumbling along on a very thin line

Not even your angels
Did You die for
Over us Your Spirit’s healing
Did You wish to pour
To enable, re-birth
Through all the light
& darkness of this universe,
Along its massive girth

No one thing and no one else
Did You create to reflect
The goodness of Yourself
Only us!
Thank you, Dear Lord
In You only 
May I completely trust!

What’s Happening?

What’s Happened?

What's happened to that fire?
That roaring, scorching roar
A fire so strong 
Those rising flames
Redemption at its core

Today it sounds a whimper
That fire now burns much dimmer
Than in days of long ago
Did it seem then any simpler?

then as is now
Christ never tried to 
Simply please the crowds
Instead of praise
He only earned
A darkened funeral shroud

On a fateful Pentecost
A Spirit's fire was loosed
Bright, burning above their heads
Seen as to more clearly teach
Their God's eternal truths

So let's catch hold
Revive, rejuvenate those flames
Boldly denounce all worldly shames
So we may free ourselves & others
From satan's violent chains



To be shaken
Out of a reverie
So to forever be
God can do this
Whenever He
We just have to
Let Him use us

We, His family,
His church,
Have to be willing
To be stirred
To actually see, taste,
Experience Christ's cure
For our lost brokenness
He's forever capable of it
Just be reassured!

So let's take that fresh start
Give Him all of our hearts
So He can re-create, 
Once again Himself impart
To a church, His lost world 
That needs a'stirring!!