Stumps of Glory

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KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Stumps of Glory

Stumps of Glory
On display
All of what you might say
Oh, what stories
& of history
You must have seen

Rising still proud
Among the leafy crowd
You stand out
Your voice still
Clear & loud
Of longevity,

Firmly still there
Younger ones 
May stare
But will not dare
To root you out
Your core essences
Still deep in a 
Blackened soil

So, take pride
In this your life 
I may pass & stare
As your beauty
Fills the blue airs
Above my head
To watch you 
Once again declare
The eternal, ancient
Triumphs of
All Nature’s Glories!

I got a chance to get on our river's greenway this morning. Hope you enjoy the photos & poem. Have a blessed day & Praise God!