KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

I turn & look 
Power floats
Moves in the air
Shall I believe
Do I dare?

Around, at my sides
Are you, have you 
Truly imbibed
His Glory, Power
You seem like
A fortress, tower
Of His perfection

You have been sent
His messenger
This I know
For it has been shown
In all you do
For you truly chose
To show obedience
In all your ways

So there you are
His angels,
His Messengers, 
To show once again
His overwhelming love
Protection, power
That He chooses to shower
Over all the earth!


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Nature Photos – New Filters

Negative Filter
Dreamy Filter
Negative Filter
Same Image Italian Filter
Sketch Filter
Dreamy Filter
Italian Filter
Same Image Punk Filter
Same Image Normal

Got to play around with some filters on my camera I didn’t even know I had. I stumbled on them accidentally. So I took some extra shots on different filters of the landscapes around our greenway system. Hope you enjoy your weekend and may God bless your day!

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Summer Pics

I love the way the water catches the blues of the sky and the yellow and greens of the plants along our greenway walking trail. Today, I got really lucky and caught a female deer drinking at the edge of the river and then some full-grown turkeys in the wild grass. The largest looked like he would make a good Thanksgiving dinner as he was huge, almost as tall as my shoulder. Enjoy the pictures of the wild flowers and have a great day! Praise God for the beauty of His earth.

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Summer Morning Prayer

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Our greenway system is so beautiful that in spots it is almost like being in the middle of the Smokey Mountain National Park and Gatlinburg, but you’re still in the middle of a busy and growing city. Enjoy your day!

Dear Lord, I pray these people may come to know your overwhelming and unconditional love for them not just intellectually, in their minds, but in their guts, their hearts, may they feel it. That they will let you become intimate with them, and they can know that you created the earth with such beauty for them to enjoy and take pleasure in out of your great love for them. Amen

Greenway Companions – Turtle Day!

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Today was Turtle Day! on the greenway where I ride my bike. Normally, you only see the turtles in the water or on rocks sunning at the water’s edge. But today, they were right at the greenway. I caught a tiny, tiny, baby one in the middle of the trail, a large grandfather glaring at me from inside his shell and a medium sized one right at the edge in the grass. I guess they just felt like socializing with us intruders into their territory. I did not dare to pick one up because here in Tennessee we have a lot of snapping turtles so you don’t want a finger close to their mouths.

Just threw in a couple of pictures of some red clover that has come into full bloom just now. Have a great day and Praise God for the beauty and variety of His earth!