Stumps of Glory

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
Stumps of Glory

Stumps of Glory
On display
All of what you might say
Oh, what stories
& of history
You must have seen

Rising still proud
Among the leafy crowd
You stand out
Your voice still
Clear & loud
Of longevity,

Firmly still there
Younger ones 
May stare
But will not dare
To root you out
Your core essences
Still deep in a 
Blackened soil

So, take pride
In this your life 
I may pass & stare
As your beauty
Fills the blue airs
Above my head
To watch you 
Once again declare
The eternal, ancient
Triumphs of
All Nature’s Glories!

I got a chance to get on our river's greenway this morning. Hope you enjoy the photos & poem. Have a blessed day & Praise God!

Cars Go Creeping

 Cars are Creeping
 Cars are creeping
 & no one is leaping
 On those icy streets
 Parking lots are dotted
 As with deicing salt they are besotted
 & stores are hoping
 their customers to keep
 In my part of the world
 Unused we are to this much ice
 So even as much as they try
 Still we must moan & cry
 We need more Salt!
 So every thing comes to a halt
 As we slip & slide
 Inexperienced with 
 this much Snow & Ice
 Wave as we go coasting thru
 (my car with a mind of its own
 Is now imbued)
 Unable to halt at all 
 At each or any little red stop sign! 

Where I live we are not used to ice and snow hardly at all so almost everything comes to a halt with only a small amount of snow. This time, however, we got a large amount of ice (just glad the electrics did not go out). Hope everyone is having a good day and Praise God for His love, mercy & joy!


 Dead Wood
 You see them lying
 On creek beds
 Where by watery vistas
 They have been led
 Or resting on river sides
 Carried by the ferocity
 Of the moving currents’ tides
 These pieces of dead wood
 Would anyone have thought
 They could or better yet should
 End up in such a useless heap
 Their limbs jangling,
 Lamenting in such a lonely keep

But Oh, dear friend
This is not their end
For these shed no tears
Have no fear
Christ's smallest finger
Can transcend
Hell's darkest pit
In such a place He will not
Allow anyone to linger
Have faith
If you will just believe
and God's tranquil waters
You will be allowed to see!

Graceful Ladies (just a bit of whimsy)

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
 Graceful Ladies
 (a slight whimsy)
Graceful ladies
 All in a row
 Is it just for glee
 You choose to show
 Your whitest underbellies
 Shedding dark bark
 You simper & glow 
 From top to toe
 As you continue to 
 Strut in your underclothes!
 My Mama would be shocked
 Papa enraged
 If I dared to engage
 In such behavior
 I cannot do the same
 As you
 Nor dare I choose
 Such brave frivolity! 

The large old sycamore trees along our river greenway are even more lovely in winter when, without leaves, you can see their white bark even better. Have a blessed day & Praise God!

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