Fiery Steeds



Fiery Steeds

Fiery steeds
Hard hooves thundering
Through the ethers of
the unknown infinities of
Dark skies surrounding
Our small home

They neigh, shake their
Impatient to be about
Their task, this
Mission, assignment
Falling to them
Through the fingers
Of power

With a blazing inferno
For each wing
Aroused by your passions
They fly, soaring toward
Your recreations
Tearing through the darkness
On burning winds

With each movement
Winds roar
Stirred by their powerful
Planets, stars, galactic bodies
Whirl, spin out of control
As they pass

The old is burnt up
Passed away
Seen no more
For one brief moment
Heaven’s business stops
Silence reigns
You pause

One shining crystal tear
rolls down your cheek
falling into the now empty
it hardens, becomes solid
icy at first, soon it

forms a rounded ball
your new earth now
sits solidified in the place
you have just chosen
to begin afresh

placing your obedient
on the face of their
new home
they rejoice, singing with
shouts of Joy!

The old order is out
The New is In!
No more death, pain,
No more evil!
Satan is gone, defeated

Praise God for His Love
Rejoice in your New Place
An earth recreated in
Fresh newness!

But do not forget the
Heed the heated winds
of destruction
surrounding the arrival
of God’s fiery steeds.

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