New Eden

New Eden

With a trumpet’s blast
Angelic wings will beat
To agitate, despoil the air 
Their voices shout
It will come about
With lightning’s speed

This new Eden 
Glorious, magnificent
Will descend
The old order will 
Completely end
New heavens, new earth,
A new Jerusalem

My feet will trod
Upon a newborn sod
New city with streets
Of fine-spun gold
No more will man
To sin be sold
On street corners so cheaply

Everything seen now
Is only shadow, temporary
Out of necessity

All man’s creations
Will be done away with
So God’s New Earth, 
New Heavens 
At last may begin

Joy, peace, love
Of these things 
There will be no end
Eternal God will reign

Death, tears, pain
Will all be gone
Praise to God, Christ
Will be forever’s song

So do not miss 
Reunion with
Your Creator
Do not deny 
His Touch,
His infinity’s kiss
Take His hand now
So you and I may stay,
Live in Glory’s new day,
Together, Forever!!

Eden(save it or lose it)

(save it or lose it)

Clouds swirl
The ethers twirl
in moving thick clouds
obscuring regions below
until at last pierced
by sun’s arrows to show

perfection’s newest glow
a paradise’s home
Man never meant to roam
lives in perfect peace
with all

Until he turns his back
on his Lord’s call,
his name, creation & life
And through that one act
brings forth pain, death & strife

for the first time darkness
permeates the garden

but wait, wait
there comes a second call
to revive us from 
the blackest pit of 
our slippery, plunging fall
Jesus Christ, that light
on the cross a perfect lamb
sent, holds out a hand
to save every woman, every man

we must play our part
let him have our complete heart
to generate a new start
for ourselves and this planet’s life
we all have our own part
to play if in our own days
we want to help receate Utopia
our very selves to save
& rejoin ourselves back to God

It is Your choice
never will be forced
Live totally for & with God
Be swallowed by the darkness
where never will you rest
You will be enslaved, forced into
that violent machine, that dark team
Of satan’s demolition service
and help shred Utopia into pieces

Encounter with the Light

This a repeat of a blog I have posted before on my site, but this experience was so dramatic I feel I should share it once again. I know I will never forget it.

For years now, I guess about 7 or 8, I have been wanting to talk about, tell, something that happened to me one night. I have only told family members about it since I’m not very good at standing up and talking in front of people or telling things to people. I guess I was afraid they wouldn’t believe me.

I have sleep apnea. I don’t know if you know what that is, but that’s where when you lay down on your back to sleep the muscles that hold up your soft palette at the back of your throat relax so much that the palette itself collapses downward and completely closes your airway. In other words, you stop breathing. It is dangerous and can kill you. I do not think I could sleep with one of the breathing machines they use so I sleep with the head of my bed raised and try to stay on my sides.

However, one night I went to sleep and somehow must have gotten off my side and into a position that was not safe. I woke up suddenly, fully awake and conscious, and was in a different place.

I remember feeling a slight tinge of fear but was mostly confused, thinking where am I?? All around me was nothing but deep blackness until suddenly I could see this spiral of beautiful, puffy white clouds spiraling off into the distance. I did not want to look at the far distant end of the spiral because I had this sudden knowledge that if I looked at it, there would be no going back. Somehow I just knew that. Don’t know how, but I just did, but I was not given a choice. I had to look at the end of the spiral, and so I did.

Next, let me say that I had no physical sensation at all. I was fully conscious, but there were no physical sensations. I had no awareness of a body.

To get back to where I was, as soon as I looked at the end of the spiral of clouds, I was in the other place, but this one was different. This beautiful, beautiful light was everywhere. It glistened and shone like nothing I have ever seen. But the light was alive. There was an intelligence or presence inside the light. Like nothing I have ever experienced.

It was so bright it almost hurt to look at it and the colors of the rainbow were moving through it constantly. It was so bright that I turned to look away, but again, I was not given a choice. I had to look at the light so I did.

When I turned to look at it again, suddenly it felt like somebody had taken me and thrown me as hard as they could up against a brick wall. There was this really hard boom, and I was back inside my body. Totally awake but back inside of my body going “What just happened to me?”

I laid there for a few minutes, thinking about what I had just seen and experienced. I moved around a little trying to get my bearings back and then decided the only thing it could have been was for a few minutes or less, because it happened so quickly, so very quickly, is I think I died! It is the only explanation I can think of.

I believe for a very few brief seconds, I was allowed to see some of the glory of the Living God. The light was beautiful beyond words. I wish everyone could have seen it. Unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

The only reason I wanted to tell this is I hope it will reassure everyone that there really is life after death, and that God is more beautiful than any of my weak human words could ever express.

I pray that the living God Himself will bless your day and your whole life and that you can get to know Him better. He really does love you profoundly, passionately and completely. God Bless You.

In the Beginning – Chronicle II

In the beginning Alcohol Ink & digital
 In the Beginning
 Chronicle II
 A loud voice boomed
 “What is that I hear”
 Trembling on a marble step
 Leading to the throne
 A loyal angel replied
 Almost with a groan, 
 “It is not good news I fear
 Your Grace.”
 “Tell me.”
 The answer came, “We have 
 A problem,
 A never seen before rebellion.
 Coming from your favored one,
 The leader of all angels.”
 “Leave me. I will discuss this
 With my Son.”
 So, in heaven it was decided
 This would not be abided
 Creation does not tell its 
 Creator how to create or lead.
 For the very first time
 In all of infinity
 Expulsion from this place
 Was decided by
 The Holy Trinity
 satan would have to be
 removed from the presence
 of God’s face.
 But he did not go quietly
 The battle for God’s throne
 Was waged with ferocity
 As they refused God to still praise
 Swords were raised
 And some were slain
 By flinging them into 
 Dark dungeons
 This once bright
 Glorious angel,
 Their leader, now was dark
 God’s love, light 
 Mercy & grace
 Had flown from his heart
 Empty was he now 
 Filled only with an all-consuming
 Lust for God’s crown
 So, in sorrow, 
 God had to retaliate
 satan was flung out
 Of heaven’s gates
 Thrown to earth to roam
 Forever more alone
 Never to enter again
 His once heavenly home
 As for his followers
 They are held in a kind
 Of hell
 In dark prisons 
 They are chained
 Awaiting that great day
 Of the Lord
 When all will be judged
 Who have rebelled
 Against God’s name
 It is so sad, it is a shame
 That their rightful place
 In glory
 They never will be able
 To reclaim.

Smear Campaign

 Smear Campaign
 A smear campaign,
 A dark, thick smoky
 From eons ago
 From the beginning
 Hoping it would be 
 Against Heaven’s 
 Against the Holy
 At first this cloud
 Merely a slight stench
 There is a mighty
 Fist clenched
 Around the throats
 Of man
 An evil hand
 Works against the sons,
 Daughters of man
 Grown stronger
 Only because we
 Have lingered
 To listen to its voice
 At its gates longer
 Than we should
 Telling us we 
 Are only physical
 Only the natural
 This naturalism
 Fighting to form
 A schism
 Between man
 And His Creator
 It’s goal 
 Is to destroy
 All efforts
 To acknowledge
 Man has
 a soul
 Eternal, unending
 To Smear, slander
 God’s holy family
 Point out its flaws
 Of which it has many
 Still under Christ’s hand
 It struggles forward
 At His command
 To love His world
 So the great destroyer
 Uses our vices, 
 To draw man in
 To this ancient battle
 satan knows
 he cannot win
 destroy everything
 a worldwide campaign
 in a sense
 using our worldly
 those great two
 Money, Power
 as the world
 spins toward
 a darker hour
 powers that be
 are blinded
 cannot see
 they are being used
 & very abused
 to try to bring about 
 a kingdom’s 
 As I glance upward
 To the skies
 Using our greatest weapon
 A prayer begins
 Within my heart I cry
 As the battle around me

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Low Country

Low Country


Wet and swampy

Unfit for much

Except life

Suited to live

Among the muck

It does not matter

How rich, how high

You think you live

I tell you no lie

Earth as it is now

Is that low country,

Our lowlands

This level of existence

We now pass thru

This lower level of life

This body even with resistance

Still crumples and dies

A chasm we cannot cross

Except thru death

Separates us temporarily

From the highlands

In a clearer air there

Will we breathe

God’s higher land

calls our name

Do not turn a deaf ear

Until you can no longer hear

Its gracious call

His promises will sound

as always, Faithful

Never run us aground

Reach for the higher path

And walk in that

purer, more noble land