Petulant Child



Petulant Child

Petulant child
Under the fair
Shading tree
Everything you see
is perfect

a freshly created
pure, untouched
harmony, peace
for now, no other
way is seen

you live
you glide
your companion
at your side
in joy

all needs are
abundance of all,
food, love,
not touched by
any dark corruption

blithely you live
moment to moment
unaware of peril,
until one day
a very dark stranger

This perfect Paradise
Created by your
Intended by Him
To be

The stranger smiles
Oh, he is clever
He knows how to beguile

He comes to you
Shaking your head
At first you refuse
Until he says,
Be like the Father

Novel idea
Unthought before
Could this be possible?
But inner darkness lies at
its core

you acquiesce
nod your head
Receiving the fruit
One bite won’t hurt
You guess

But this stranger
Has the heart of a brute,
A monster
And that bright fruit
Was never intended
For your lips

Living further down the
Road of time
We shake our heads
& wish,
What you had, perhaps
Unknown to you
Was the already sublime

It you had just not,
Turned your head
And refused to listen
This fair world
Would still glisten
With perfection.
Where was your, Our

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