Selfish man,

You take your stand

On a land

You do not possess

You do not own

Even one groan

Of this earth, sea or sky

Not a single one of its sighs

Everything, us all

Belongs to someone else

This is our greatest test

To understand,

Be led into eternity

To recognize our smallness

Cupped within the power of

God’s hands

The only place we can stand

Within His Will for us

To know you better

Be forever unfettered

from my ignorance

& physicality

To get to know you

One on one

This is why your Son

Was sent & bore His scars

Bringing us home

No more to roam

In the darkness between the stars

One thought on “Man

  1. Добрый день! Вы непременно упомянули весьма значительную, на данный момент, тему. Будут ли также заметки к дополнению, к ранее показанной?


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