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floats in the air
spewed forth from
violent mouths

Swirls around my
Attempts to invade
my dreams
as I lay on my bed!

Media mouths belch
forth refuse
it is a form of abuse
to grab our attention
to hold our senses
in detention
Done simply for a paycheck
their money!

Leaders stand
before your eyes
and outright lie
Be careful what you
allow into your mind
Do not let filth
or garbage
waste your precious time!

There is a holy truth
spoken by a Living
Righteous God
to us He is most willing
to give His true Life
So be most careful
at all times
What you feed into
your minds!



What is this sense of loss
Of a deep sadness,
Then I raise my head
To look at You
& You smile!
And my heart is even 
More beguiled
And enticed
To follow You

But I am stuck
On the other side of 
An uncrossable chasm
For I know on my own
I cannot 
Even begin to start
To conquer its deep gorges
A dark fog envelops 
My mind & heart

Then someone touches
Down with a hand
It is Your Son of Man
His blood paved the way
Because I was oh so lost
Until He reached across
So on this dark side
I need never stay
Alone, rejected digressing
From your eternal blessings

Christ is that bridge
That eternal ridge
Of hope & joy
For everyone to cross
Over into God’s love
You do not have to sit in
The darkness of eternal loss
But you must take that first step 
Reach for the outstretched hand
Of the undying Son of Man!

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Leader (the One)


All around varieties of life
Are abundant
Diversities of even people
& not to be redundant
Diversities of ideas

Differences can be okay
But without orderliness
Structure of some kind
We put ourselves at risk
For chaos

Government, a leadership
Is needed
Organization always has
And will require
A leader

This earth is no different
Life has always been set up
To run this way
& to this very day
Good leadership is still craved

But we have always from the
Had an excellent, the best,
Perfect even,
A One, so winning
Glorious & Shining

A living, breathing God
Around whom all 
Diversities of life revolve
There could be no better
Than this One 
In harmony together
With Spirit & Son
But we rebelled
As the ancients tell
So now you have a choice
To follow the light,
Or alone & 
On our own
We can continue to follow
The mad disorder
Chaos & confusion
Its dark rebellion,
As without HIM
We get swallowed up
& blindly lead
To our own destruction

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Greenway Companions – Turtle Day!

KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera
KODAK Digital Still Camera

Today was Turtle Day! on the greenway where I ride my bike. Normally, you only see the turtles in the water or on rocks sunning at the water’s edge. But today, they were right at the greenway. I caught a tiny, tiny, baby one in the middle of the trail, a large grandfather glaring at me from inside his shell and a medium sized one right at the edge in the grass. I guess they just felt like socializing with us intruders into their territory. I did not dare to pick one up because here in Tennessee we have a lot of snapping turtles so you don’t want a finger close to their mouths.

Just threw in a couple of pictures of some red clover that has come into full bloom just now. Have a great day and Praise God for the beauty and variety of His earth!

The First Calm

The First Calm

It happened under the skies
Of the very first dawn
Rays of light breaking
Placid horizon in yellows,
Pinks and reds
It was the first Calm

A new world, pleasant
To the eyes and soul
Broken out of deep, dark
By ancient words and voices told
In a Holy Book

Life exploded 
Upon a spinning globe
Of dirt, air & water
Animals, man & plants
To each by a loving hand
Did the Creator grant

With Himself, 
The Ones who stirred 
The darkness
Into life
Into something

Desired to associate
With our forms of dust
Only asking for a return
Of love, respect
& our trust

This was the first Calm
This perfected peace
Between all forms of life
And the Creators
Between all of Their creation
& Themselves
There was not a hint, scent
Of strife

Until man, 
Supposedly the highest,
Decided to rebel
And follow the wrong voice
Made the ultimate mistake
Available, the worst choice
And everything fell

Plants, animals, earth
Spun out of the original plan
Subject to terrors
Never meant or intended
By our Creator’s gentlest
Of hands

And so we lost
All of us
Paid a dearest cost
To suffer in pain, 
Showed disdain for the Ones 
Who made us
And so in tears we lived
And lost
The First Calm

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