Lamb on A Cross

Photo by Paul Seling on
Photo by Kat Jayne on
 Lamb on a Cross
 Meat, red, raw
 Trembling &
 Unprotected by
 Or anything
 The man groans
 A lamb on a cross
 Red meat exposed
 To air
 & no one there
 To seem to care!
 Blood gushes
 Red & also raw
 As demons dance
 On the dark ground
 Underneath the sounds
 Of his groans
 They squeal, scream
 With delight
 The light has been
 In the sight
 Of the whole world!
 Or so they think
 But this cup He 
 Must drink
 Only for a few hours
 Will prove to crush, sink
 Hell’s greatest hopes.
 As evil flames lick
 The base of that cross
 The man suspended 
 In air
 No more earthly cares
 Or sighs
 For Him.
 Praise God!!
 The ground trembles
 It quakes
 A massive stone
 Rolls away
 The beginning of this
 New day
 Opens heaven’s gates
 For all seeking a better way!
 Hell has lost
 Christ has won
 Heaven’s purest Son!
 His obedience poured
 Out thru His blood
 Ran to ground
 Our obedience 
 Poured out thru
 our hearts
 A fresh, new start 
 Every morning to 
 Mimic our King
 Be forgiven thru
 The blood of
 A lamb on a cross!!
Photo by Francesco Paggiaro on

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