Dull Ache

 Dull Ache
 A Dull Ache
 In the middle
 Growing larger
 No longer little
 A need
 more insistent
 Almost a sharp
 Then becomes
 a Joy
 This, the means
 You employ
 To draw me
 Your Spirit
 I come to
 a Sun,
 Beautiful Light,
 Holding only
 Your Purity
 Your Goodness
 You breathe
 Return to me
 I will return
 To you
 As my 
 I wonder
 When it will
 Be met
 This ache
 This longing
 We all 
 Within feel
 This unmet 
 We constantly
 Try to fill
 With shallow
 Cheap pleasures
 Life can feel
 Like walking
 With a heavy
 Your beauty, God
 the only real
 To continue
 As it is now
 Will never be
 Only with
 Christ’s return
 Will that
 For which we 
 Be Met! 
 Revelation 7:9-10 After this I looked, and there before me
 was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation,
 tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before
 the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm
 branches in their hands. And they cried out in a loud voice:
 “Salvation belongs to our God, who sits on the throne, and to the Lamb.”
 Revelation 7:17 For the Lamb at the center of the throne 
 will be their shepherd; ‘he will lead them to springs of 
 living water’, and ‘God will wipe away every tear from 
 their eyes’. 

Still Walking

 Still Walking
 The world
 Is dead
 But up &
 Still walking
 They sound
 But. . .
 Without Christ
 God, their Father
 Anyone like
 Is dead
 In their heads,
 Denying their 
 They just don’t know it.
 So many living
 Without Christ
 So spiritually, totally
 So Sad
 But, with that said,
 should we not warn
 To keep them 
 The outer darkness,
 Weeping, wailing
 Gnashing of teeth
 Worms that never 
 Fire that is never
 More than just
 These things
 Are described
 Christ Himself,
 Not to be denied
 Said out of love
 For Us
 It is our 
 To Warn
 Not with a tongue
 So glib
 But with Loving Hearts
 & Words
 As Christ
 Himself Did
 Out of 
 His Great Love
 For Us
 He warned
 As you would
 Warn any child
 Its hand to keep, 
 Not to seek
 That deadly fire
 & its
 Unspeakable Pain. 

Matt. 13:49 -50 This is how it will be at the end of the age. The angels will come and separate the wicked from the righteous and throw them into the blazing furnace where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.

Mark 9:47-49 And if your eye causes you to stumble, pluck it out. It is better for you to enter the kingdom of God with one eye than to have two eyes and be thrown into hell where,

the worms that eat them do not die

and the fire is not quenched

Everyone will be salted with fire.

Isaiah 66:24 And they will go out and look on the dead bodies of those who rebelled against me; the worms that eat them will not die, the fire that burns them will not be quenched, and they will be loathsome to all mankind.”


 So I will lay myself
 I do not care
 If they stare
 If a glimpse into 
 My soul
 Will bring them
 Into your fold
 then God, Let it be
 If looking into
 My heart
 Will get them to 
 Seeing you better
 If it be ever so clever
 You to begin
 then may You win
 them on their journey
 closer to your Son
 bright, blazing glory
 of your face
 joy unbounded
 found only
 in the grounding
 of each soul
 in your great power
 and self! 

Startle Me

 Startle Me
 Startle me,
 Wake me,
 On a shelf 
 I’ve been
 Too long
 Now seems
 The perfect time 
 For a newer song
 So . . . 
 Wake me
 Shake me
 Do it again
 King Jesus
 As you did it then
 On those dusty streets
 Of old Jerusalem
 Flow thru us
 Live through us
 Your power shining,
 As to your world
 Your beauty
 You’re showing
 So, come
 Lord Jesus
 Legions of angels
 Behind you
 To tromp,
 On this
 Shallow dirt,
 This clay
 Quake the earth
 As you did before
 Awaken your church
 Let it arise
 At your bidding
 As this dark war
 Assuredly you will
 Be winning
 Let us not be afraid
 To get our hands dirty
 Comfort, convenience
 Never wins the day
 So do it,
 King Jesus
 Do it Again
 Awaken once
 more our spirits
 to call us your
 Steadfast Soldiers
 & Friends!

Swallowed by the Sun

 Swallowed by the Sun
 The Sun
 That Fiery burning orb
 Of our earth he is the lord
 For surely, all life here below
 without its heated glow
 Would die
 Be dark
 Encrusted by the cold
 Death for every plant,
 Would soon ensue
 Even for me & you
 For sure 
 It is a paradox
 Yet, Swallowed by the sun
 No one could survive
 Burnt to a crisp
 I most assuredly would die
 However. . . ,
 There is another sun
 More glorious than you
 To be swallowed 
 By this SON
 Only brings us to
 Love, joy 
 Beyond my poor
 To see
 So swallow me Lord Jesus
 Engulf me in your glory
 It is my same old story.
 For You, 
 My pain-filled heart bleeds
 Only Your precious warmth
 Brings the life I truly need
 Inside your burning light
 I am allowed to see
 So I fall to my knees
 Beg, implore
 Swallow me Lord
 Let me live, breathe, exist
 Your Glistening, 
 Golden Glory!!

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The Flying V!

 The Flying V
 It flies, zooms
 Moving so fast
 At first I cannot see
 What this flying
 Abstraction, monstrosity
 Must be
 It is a flying V!
 It moves, zips
 With so much speed
 I cannot see
 Its shape
 So I reach an arm
 To reach for its tip
 At firsts it eludes
 But I continue to
 Until I reach 
 Into the air
 Then turn to stare
 At what lies 
 Within my hands
 It is the letter 
 Well, this was not
 Within my day’s plan!
 Never would I have guessed
 If I had been put to the test
 That such a symbol
 Would belong
 To such as I
 What could this mean
 Then I too began to tremble
 Until a hand
 Reached from behind
 It is for you a sign
 A man smiled
 As he spoke
 Do you not see
 What this flying V
 Stands for?
 I shook my head 
 As He spoke His
 Words were slow
 Listen carefully
 He said
 And I will show
 Its meaning
 He removed His robe
 His body was scarred
 His perfect flesh 
 Had been deeply marred
 Yes, my flesh was
 I died in disgrace
 For you
 Yet within my nail-scarred
 I hold the Promised Land
 Waiting for you
 It takes a deep belief
 Faith in me
 This is for your
 Most sincere relief
 From your own
 No more will it win
 I destroyed that 
 The hold
 It had on you
 This V is a sign
 Of my complete
 Over all that enslaved
 Each child of mine
 I saved the day
 No more will hell
 Or death have its way
 With you
 As I watched
 His arms He raised
 In that perfect stance
 Of old
 It took only one glance
 For me to know
 Over His head
 His arms they formed that
 Perfect V
 On display
 For everyone forever
 & always to see!!
 And I could see
 Of that which
 He spoke
 He had removed
 That darkest of yokes
 My sin 


 Death comes to all
 Separation of our spirit
 From the flesh
 Instituted by our fall
 From His grace
 Turned out of a 
 And away from 
 His face
 However, God
 Still desires
 Into His kingdom
 To come
 His planet
 Even now awash in 
 His love
 But there will 
 Be a day
 Christ did say
 When He returns
 To light the way
 To His 
 New Earth
 A separation
 Will occur
 The Sheep,
 Those he will keep
 In His love 
 But with a Holy shout
 The goats
 Will be thrown out
 Into the darkness
 Where satan awaits
 Between the fiery gates
 It is your choice
 To either praise, worship
 & rejoice
 In your
 Creator/Father/ God
 Do it now,
 While among the living
 do the giving,
 do not be 
 caught unaware
 do not miss
 your share
 of His Paradise
 Choose to go the
 Right way
 In this you do have
 The final say
 Do not reject
 Your God
 He never rejects
 Any feeble start
 Do not harden
 Your heart

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 Divisions, divisions
 In a Sea
 Of Faces
 Never meant
 To be
 We were
 Meant to be
 All one
 The One,
 Father, Spirit
 Holy Son
 Joined together
 In the perfect dance
 In one glance
 You can see
 This world’s
 Ultimate Unity!
 So, it does 
 Not make sense
 For God’s family
 To be so divided
 For this there 
 Stands no defense
 A church, family
 divided only
 Hurts itself
 Taking away
 Not adding
 Leaving all
 of the
 Love, Joy
 the Peace
 Steals the 
 Meant for us
 So, Holy Family
 God’s one true
 Tear down the 
 Those horrible
 Never meant 
 To be
 And we will 
 See. . . 

Ephesians 4:3 Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called to one hope when you were called; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all who is over all and through all and in all.

1 Corinthians 1:12-13 What I mean is this: One of you says, I follow Paul; another, I follow Apollos; another, I follow Cephas; still another, I follow Christ. Is Christ divided?

I Feel Like. . .

Photo by Egor Kamelev on Pexels.com
Photo by Irina Iriser on Pexels.com
 I feel like
 I feel like
 A leaf,
 A snowflake
 Life goes by so fast
 Like peering in a looking glass
 Then you step away
 What was it that you, God,
 Had in mind
 When you first thought of
 Was it to rhyme a line
 So they perhaps might
 Your Face?
 Better, clearer,
 Clearer, clearer
 So they might
 Draw nearer,
 Nearer, nearer
 To You?
 Never will I know
 All answers
 This side of the grave
 Questions will there
 Always be
 As on I in frailness go.

My Existence

 My heart beats
 My lungs breathe
 I can laugh,
 Savor the day
 I exist
 My thoughts are 
 My own
 In my head 
 They have found
 A home
 Within to rest
 Put me to the test
 Will I or won’t I
 Do this or that
 I can hear these,
 My thoughts
 For you see
 This is the real
 You and me
 A living breathing
 Spirit, soul
 Only temporarily,
 For now
 Attached to this
 mortal shell
 Given a chance
 to grow
 Get to know
 The One who runs
 The universe
 And beyond,
 With His Son
 For one day He 
 Has promised 
 He will come
 This living,
 breathing Son
 Shining in all His splendor
 This wonderful Giver
 Of our Life
 This gift of
 Our Existence!