Refreshing #2

O Holy Night
 If you will
 For a minute or two
 Will not cause you
 Extravagant pain
 May be possibly
 Worth what
 You might gain
 Sit back, relax
 In your most
 Comfortable chair
 Shake your head
 Let the wings of 
 Your imagination’s
 Mind Soar
 Above your daily cares
 To the words in
 An ancient book
 Take a lingering look
 Words so divine
 Speak of our future
 In a different time
 To a new Heaven
 And a new Earth
 A time of complete
 Not only for our
 New bodies and souls
 But of a new city
 & planet we are told
 A new city
 Described in terms 
 Of gold and jewels
 So precious, rare
 For those
 who will
 To follow
 Stay faithful
 Even to a cross
 Be willing to 
 Suffer loss
 To be a part
 Of the New Eden
 If that book,
 Says it is so
 It is so
 In Christ’s words
 & blood written
 And in that
 Old World
 Old Order
 No more pain
 No more death
 No suffering
 So forth we
 Should Go
 To be enwrapped
 Within HIS arms
 In purest love
 & surpassing Joy!

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