The Flying V!

 The Flying V
 It flies, zooms
 Moving so fast
 At first I cannot see
 What this flying
 Abstraction, monstrosity
 Must be
 It is a flying V!
 It moves, zips
 With so much speed
 I cannot see
 Its shape
 So I reach an arm
 To reach for its tip
 At firsts it eludes
 But I continue to
 Until I reach 
 Into the air
 Then turn to stare
 At what lies 
 Within my hands
 It is the letter 
 Well, this was not
 Within my day’s plan!
 Never would I have guessed
 If I had been put to the test
 That such a symbol
 Would belong
 To such as I
 What could this mean
 Then I too began to tremble
 Until a hand
 Reached from behind
 It is for you a sign
 A man smiled
 As he spoke
 Do you not see
 What this flying V
 Stands for?
 I shook my head 
 As He spoke His
 Words were slow
 Listen carefully
 He said
 And I will show
 Its meaning
 He removed His robe
 His body was scarred
 His perfect flesh 
 Had been deeply marred
 Yes, my flesh was
 I died in disgrace
 For you
 Yet within my nail-scarred
 I hold the Promised Land
 Waiting for you
 It takes a deep belief
 Faith in me
 This is for your
 Most sincere relief
 From your own
 No more will it win
 I destroyed that 
 The hold
 It had on you
 This V is a sign
 Of my complete
 Over all that enslaved
 Each child of mine
 I saved the day
 No more will hell
 Or death have its way
 With you
 As I watched
 His arms He raised
 In that perfect stance
 Of old
 It took only one glance
 For me to know
 Over His head
 His arms they formed that
 Perfect V
 On display
 For everyone forever
 & always to see!!
 And I could see
 Of that which
 He spoke
 He had removed
 That darkest of yokes
 My sin 

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