A New Box

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A New Box

We substitute
Tendency to loot
From Box to 
Our way 
Thru each & every

A Box for home
A Box for work
A Box for fun
the tiniest, tiniest box 
Finally for our spirit
& God

So in they go
Into the larger Boxes
What we believe to be
Major spaces of our lives
But the most important parts
We then minimalize

Why do we put God 
In a box so tiny
After all He is large
Runs a universe 
So very shiny

With suns & moons
Black holes
Created endless numbers
Of souls
Let Him have all
Your Boxes

So give it a
Take God out
Of that smallest

Pour the contents
Of all your Boxes
Into God’s large one
In that way
They might all 
Become the same

He & His Son
Will be sure to run
Each Box’s contents
With only
The very best of intents
And extreme care
For He only wants to share
that Ultimate Paradise
With you!



Of any kind
Is not pleasant
Or fun
But it is the only way
To run
Toward Christ
Arms held open
To lovingly catch your

For He knows
Your greatest foe
Knows the tactics 
satan will expose
Every heartbeat uses
In his war against heaven
It is man, us he abuses
To break God’s heart

Suffering will come
As you try to follow
God’s Only Son
From a world
Being led
Being fed
By satan’s lies
So, you must come
To expect the 

Suffered in the extreme
To pull us out of the
Darkest of streams
To be faithful, loyal to Him
We must be willing to brave
The suffering
If unwilling we are
To endure any pain
For the Glory of His Name
We do not truly love Him

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Jesus. . . Disney World?

Jesus or Disney World?

Disney World
That land of endless delights,
Thrills and joy!
Where nothing bad
Or sad ever happens
Your next adventure awaits
Between its hallowed gates

But wait
Don’t look too closely
You’ll see its flaws
Don’t take time
to stop or pause
They’re only whirling machines
Even though they
May glisten & gleam
It’s all a sham
A tall tale, a false dream

Wait for the real thing
To which to cling 
Jesus wants to give you
Something honest, rock solid,
So Beautiful
Mere words do not suffice
To describe the heights
Of His eternity's delights
Perfection’s Love, Contentment,
Joy, Peace, Glories that await 
Between His Majesty’s Golden Gates
Always & forever at His Right Hand

Even the Demons

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Even the Demons

People do go to church
Walk thru a door
Choose a seat
Stay awhile
Turn & smile
Say they believe

But rituals alone
Do not change a heart
May or may not help
You grow
Closer, more intimate,
To your Creator

So only saying you believe
Will not save your soul
Just to believe is only
The first part of the goal
Because even

Demons believe & tremble
They just chose the wrong side
Do not follow their guide

God is after the Human Heart
So He may start 
To transform you
Into His Son, 
A co-heir with Him
So you may win,
The darkness
Enter His light,
A forever Paradise!!

What IS Courage?

What IS Courage

On a hill He created
With His hands
On a feckless day
& by the very clay
He had formed
Stripped bare,
He was crucified
That WAS courage

Left a golden throne
Of glory
To continue His story
Of calling us back home
Nevermore in
Satan’s darkness
To roam
That TOOK courage

On that crucial night
In history
For us, our destiny,
Was changed forever
Followers all 
They left their call
Abandoned him
To that hill
Standing still
That was NOT courage

But the story was
As He arose out of
An empty grave
They rejoiced on that day
To follow His name
Most of the 12 were martyred
Terrible painful deaths
Suffered so obedience
They could claim
That IS courage!

Today there is no difference
So in holy reverence
For one so holy & pure
Who came only to reassure
Of God’s love, mercy
Let us stand up
His name bless
Even if we have to suffer
Perhaps even death
That WILL BE our Courage!!

The Fortress

The Fortress

My fortress is 'YOUR JOY
Behind its stone thick walls
I rejoice
Raise hands & feet
To dance 
From You, one loving glance
Incites a mad frenzy of worship

At your feet ancient angels
Take delight
In your power, beauty
The endless, eternal 
Unlimited, uncountable

Flow forth for every man
From your overfilled hands
For those who choose
& refuse
To follow satan’s dark rebellion
In a story of so many tellings
he lost forever Paradise
Lives now only in cruel anger
& lies!

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