Why do we not see
Is it we cannot
Or do not want to be

Faithful, submissive
To someone greater
Than the I of me?

Hardening of the heart
To the idea of such a God
To all of life gives
Only a very false start

Saying I don’t 
Want to see
Does not change
Our Reality 

Open your inner eyes
On just the physical
Do not rely
Do not wear 
As a disguise

For refusal
A lack of perusal
Into the gracious beauty
Of Our Father/Creator!

Yahweh’s Light Shines From You! — Pure Glory

by Hazel Straub It is time to arise from depression and darkness because of the new life and light of God’s Spirit lives inside of believers in Jesus. The light and radiance of Yahweh casts out all darkness. It is your time to shine with the light of God, as it transforms. Although the darkness […]

Yahweh’s Light Shines From You! — Pure Glory

A Devil’s Dance

A Devil’s Dance

Around & around
Up & down
Whirling, madly swirling
This devil’s dance

To mesmerize, 
Trying to entrance
To fool, deceive
Only purpose for
A devils’ dance

More powerful than any opiate
Illegal it should be
For it teaches to never satiate
Teaches you not to perceive

Take off the blinders
Stop watching satan’s sidewinders
Frantically writhing
Rotten to the core
Pain is all that is left in store
For all who will follow
a devil's dance!

The Trust

The Trust

Cancer 2 times has
Called my name
Life for me does 
Not feel just the same

My time down here
Grows more limited
It may not even much
Longer be extended

What awaits for me
Is held within a Trust
In greater hands than mine
Transcending the restrictive
Limits of our sense of time

From this Trust
In my daily borrows 
Therein lies Christ’s strength
To overcome all pain & sorrows
Never was I meant to live
In cruel poverty
But to receive the resources
In His Kingship’s sovereignty!

Praise You, Lord Jesus!

Although the use of 
This Trust
May come with a few
Conditions or regulations
Never meant to be shunned
Were His love’s guidelines

To enjoy the pleasures 
That await
As you are allowed to enter
Between Heaven’s 
Welcoming gates
With each step’s forward thrust
Open wide your arms to receive
The lavish riches of this,
His Glorious Trust!