Photo by Alem Su00e1nchez on Pexels.com
 That cross,
 Slick & sticky
 from the red flood
 Of your precious blood
 Soaking, dripping 
 from above
 Down to me
 Each precious drop
 A powerful weapon
 Only it has power to stop
 satan’s hatred, 
 storm of fury
 cruel & angry,
 Against our lives
 As you took
 Your last breath 
 I am left
 Knowing your death
 Won my freedom
 While I lean my head
 Against the wood
 Rough & hewn
 By man carved 
 only to disgrace
 I gaze upon your 
 Lovely dead face
 Knowing you are 
 Returned to your
 Rightful throne of glory
 I will sit at your feet
 On this blood-soaked ground
 I do not care if I am found
 Sitting here
 Leaning into your cross
 I know heaven’s deepest loss
 Has returned my life to me
 So may it ever be 
  For each & all of those
 Who unafraid will dare
 To lean into your cross!
 King Jesus
 May I always live
 Leaning against your cross! 

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