You’ve Been Lied To

You’ve Been Lied To

By an enemy so dark
Seeking only to destroy
       Your heart
     Your very self

Powerful above us all
Do not listen to his call
Turn away, turn away
Before it’s too late
From those hot destructive
From the one who wishes
     To destroy you
       That satan
Turn from his angry hate

Telling you he does not exist
   Oh, how he does wish
       You would listen
   & be utterly deceived
           At that
he will laugh & dance 
         With glee,
To destroy God’s child

He tries to whisper, tell 
          Or yell
Live only for today
He’ll come to you to say
    Be your own god!
Live only for your own lusts
You must just simply trust
What that evil, dark one says

So to a world
    out of control
Lusting after a fool’s gold
     I would say
       Let Go!
A day is coming when all 
    Will be judged
Please do not continue or follow
    Your dark trudge
   Away from the light

A larger house, a fancy car
Will not help you reach
         For the stars
For this you were truly destined
Even though you may be tested,
     Tempted on this earth

Return to the One whose
      Face you bear
Release to Him all your cares
     In His light only 
     Come to share
Walk into His New World’s 
Free of all pain, guilt & strife!

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