Pentecostal Fire

Pentecostal Fire

Disciples, huddled
In an upper room
Shaking in their boots
Trying to dispel the gloom
Of your death
Feeling only fear’s failure was left

A Pentecostal fire
Blazed across their heads
By tongues of living fire
Were they to be led

To stop the shaking, quaking
& rise up
Boldly speak
Those first words of hope
To preach
And loudly proclaim
In many tongues
The life, the power
Of God’s only RISEN SON!

A Fateful Day!

A Fateful Day

on a fateful day
a young man died
as he breathed in, took his last sigh
angels watched from
purest celestial skies
He relinquished
His Spirit
In a pain, deep & burning
At that moment,
the universe stopped turning

to watch & see
what would happen next
what for mankind would be 
their second step
would we take notice
follow in obedience
or just turn our backs
with only a shrug
or a mild grimace

never before in man’s history
had for us been such a day
so blistering
with meaning, intensity 
when God once more 
brought back to earth
His clearest sanity


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What does it really mean
All of these different scenes
From so many different peoples
Carrying the weight of our faults
Why does not the world just topple
At times they seem so unstoppable
These, our chaotic insanities

For each of us the final rest
Comes forth only through our death
So I sigh
Look upward
Try to turn from all the lies

Please do not let yourself be deceived
Each & every soul will receive
What for themselves they chose,
In their life’s walk & daily plans
Whether to accept or reject
Our God’s Living Son of Man!

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A pulling out of the body
Will come for everyone
A removal of the familiar
It is a valley we must all pass through

So prepare yourself
While you still have a chance
While it is your Today
While you’re still this side of the grave
Do not listen to satan’s song & dance
Of denial

Who owns this world & us
In a darkened voice do not place your trust
Only God promises renewal of your life
A final calm, relief from all pain & strife

Why do we ignore this deep but
Simple truth
In this world amidst your daily struggles, toil
Death is something no one can avoid

The Next Time

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The Next Time

People very often say
As sickness or death
Looms closer in our path
Intrudes into our life’s way
“It’s better than the

      Meaning I suppose
As on their way they persist & go
in whatever horrific condition 
             to be alive
Is better than life’s alternative,
I shake my head, my tongue I bite
       Do they not know?

      Our God in the flesh,
Spiked to man’s cruel piece of wood
Dying in His own blood so red
This one we call Savior, Christ
Turned to another & said,
Today with me will you be 
        in My Paradise!

Why do we not trust in His words
What awaits for all who believe
 & stay loyal to this beautiful Christ
       Is so glorious a Paradise 
Free of all pain or strife
New body, new way to exist
Totally, completely a better New Life!

            A man,
Once a fisherman by trade
Until that most compelling day
He heard Jesus of Nazareth say,
       “Come, follow me”
In a letter this apostle wrote,
Live as foreigners & exiles
On this, a world so fallen 

So the next time I hear
Someone say those words
I will have to be honest, I fear,
And be compelled to say
No, I live & wait for a better way
To Share in His Most Perfect 
& Newest of All My Days!

1 Peter 1:17  Since you call on a Father who judges each person’s work impartially, live out your time as foreigners here in reverent fear.

1 Peter 2:11  Dear Friends, I urge you, as foreigners and exiles, to abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul.