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Photo by Tom Fisk on

It has me by the throat
It sneers then gloats
Slithers & slides
Tightening its grip
Around my neck, 
My heart,
This Chokehold

Teaching, always reaching
To infect, detect
My weaknesses
It infers, deters 
Pulls, cajoles
Will it never let go?

No, it will not.
If I wish this to stop,
I must do it myself
Stop this lusting,
Discontinue the trusting
In the consuming of
Mere things, junk

How many material
Does it take to make 
One happy?
While others starve
Do I really have to be
At the heart
Of the world’s party?

So I am trying to let go
Guard my only soul
Feed it
As I try to resist
Materialism’s temptation
And shun the world’s 
Blasting horns.

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